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Had Holiday Sx with My Ex & He Did Not Tell Me He Was Married

I am just coming back home to Nigeria for the first time in 5 years and I am starting to think that coming back so was a bad move. Not because everybody who see me starts to sing my praises so that I can drop some money for them, or because of the fuel scarcity that has just made enjoyment difficult. No. I am not happy because I seem to have fallen into a trap I did not imagine I can fall for.
Before I travelled, I was dating a man in naija here who did not have a lot of money. He did not have a good job and did not support me when I was looking for a visa. Despite his low class, I loved him and cherish the good sx too.
After I managed to travel abroad though, I never heard from him again. No calls, no e-mails. I tried to reach him but nobody could reach him for me, so I moved on with my life. As God will have it,  I paid heavily to marry a white man and have finally gotten my papers. All this time, my ex was missing in action, but immediately after I arrived, he appeared from nowhere. He was looking very nice and even had a small car.
My mother was very upset when she showed up and said I should not let him deceive me, but I did not see the harm in having fun with him before I travel back in January. Before you know it, we started having sx again. To be honest, I had missed that part of him. Then, one night, he said to me that I should say yes to him so that he can divorce his wife and we can live happily ever after in the US. Immediately I was shocked. I had no idea he was married.
I have asked him never to contact me again, and I feel so bad for not listening to my mother. Should I go and apologize to his wife. I can’t believe I let this man fool me like this again.
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