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He Is Cheating On Me Openly Without A Care

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Dear Davina,

I have been reading most of your stories and I love the advice you give to people. I want to share my experience for advice and also to get things off my chest.

My past relationship lasted 7 years and the breakup was due to his constant cheating habits. Well I cheated first with a guy from my church and when he found out he rather begged me and asked we resolved the issue. I delt soo bad and promised to be a better lady.

That guy helped me become a better person. After that he started cheating. First 2,3 times I blamed myself because I felt he still wasn’t over what I did. But it became a habit. Till he got someone pregnant. Though she miscarried I decided to move on amidst pleas from him and both our parents.

Then I met Sam after a year. He was a serial player. 6ft 3″. Dark and handsome. Every girls dream. Me met at a party and we became friends. Initially I wasn’t interested cos I felt he’d be a player but he pursued and after about 2 months I gave in.

He promised me he had matured and let go of his old ways. Following me to church and praying together. His mum and I became very close. Initially he was just doing an attachment and wasn’t earning much so I used to support him. Every month I gave him part of my pay. To support him pay the bills and stuff.

Then he got a better paying job at a gym. He asked me to be coming in free to train. I started to but after about 3 months he asked me to stop on the grounds that I am trying to get into his business. I knew he had started seeing some of the ladies there and they were really sponsoring him so that was why.

We argued and all but I stopped going to the gym. The ladies were always giving him gifts, cooking for him and stuff. And anytime I went there he’d stay for hours on the phone talking to his girls. No matter how much I complained he never stopped.

He’d even stay late at work and never pick my calls knowing fully well I was waiting for him. On our first year anniversary date I went to see him and I slept over. In the morning, I picked his phone and I realised he was actually going out with one of them. Seriously dating her. Gave her jewellery when he was always complaining of money.

I got pissed but kept quiet. Later I called him and asked him questions. He tried denying until I gave him specifics and he hung up. He didn’t call back. I knew the lady and unfortunately I made the mistake of texting her my mind. I never insulted her but told her karma was a birch and that now she has succeeded in getting him she should be careful same doesn’t happen to her.

I regretted that though but she knew about me and was even dating a guy in the States yet she was pushing for Sam. Sam got pissed and called me names. Can you believe he never apologised for what he did. Said that my texting the girl was it. I apologised for that but he never did.

After a while we came back but this guy doesn’t want to leave the girl. He still calls her in on my presence. The girl is still doing everything for him. He told me it was just a fling and that he’d stop but. He doesn’t pick my calls when he is with her.

When I complain he says it’s me that his family members know. And that he never brings the girl to his house, only me. But I am tired. I feel disrespected. He doesn’t make an effort to even hide his cheating. He does it in my full glare saying he doesn’t know how to lie or hide things.

I am always crying. I feel I might become a very bitter woman if I stay with him so I am thinking of taking a break.


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