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He Was My 17 Year Old Student & I Had Sx with Him

This year is ending in the worst possible way for me. I cannot believe myself. My mates are getting married and I have succeeded in having sex with a 17-year-old boy who is still in SS3.  First term.  He does not look 17 though, he looks and feels like a man.
It all started with harmless conversations. I am the only NYSC teacher in their school and because I am also young and smallish. Most of the students tend to relate better with me. So, this particular boy always had questions for me. He always tried to flirt with me, and I found it flattering, especially because he was intelligent and had swag.
All the small girls were tripping for him, but he was obsessed with me. I just wanted to be the young cool teacher every student liked. That’s how we now added each other on WhatsApp. He would call every day and give me gist about all the other students, things happening in his life too. Before long, I started telling him about myself. Maybe, the mistake I made was to tell him how old I am. I am 21.
One day, after school this young boy knocked on the door of my self-contained. How he found out where I lived, God knows. And it was a kind of hostel where a lot of other corpers lived, so I quickly let him inside so that people will not notice. I asked him what he wanted and he said that that the city is small and it was not hard to locate anyone. I felt uncomfortable and asked him to leave. He was staring at me so intensely and I swear I could see a dick print.  Like joke, he started coming more often. I relaxed and allowed him. We would talk, play scrabble and all. I allowed him to taste alcohol for the first time. He told me he about his ex-girlfriend that was ‘Keziah’. She loves too much sx. I advised him to keep himself and wait till after his final exams before having a girlfriend and having sx so that he is not distracted.
Then one day, while we were lying down on my bed watching Empire, he leaned in and kissed me. I panicked and asked him to leave. I was so upset, but deep inside a fire had been lit. I didn’t answer his calls, he begged and I even threatened to go and report him to school authorities.
Fast forward to 6 weeks later, this boy showed up unannounced at my place. I allowed him in. Maybe because I was ovulating, or it was the power of his perfume, I don’t know. Next thing I know, we were naked on my small mattress with my legs were wrapped around him.  I have blocked him and told him never to come to my place again and he is begging, saying he is in love with me and will marry me. He wants to marry his mother. I am so ashamed!
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