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How Much Is $100 Amazon Gift Card Naira???

You might have been looking for the best ways to convert OR sell your Amazon Gift Cards to cash Naira or Cedis, here is the best guide online to sell Amazon gift cards at the best rate and get paid fast.

First Off, What Is Amazon Gift Cards

I first learnt from INCOMENIGERIA.COM what Amazon gift cards are utilized for buys of products and ventures on the Amazon store or Amazon App store. With a specific end goal to utilize an Amazon gift card, the holder ought to have an Amazon email ID, since it is the main manner by which it can be reclaimed. You can reclaim your Amazon Gift Cards on your Amazon email ID and you can offer to sell Amazon Gift Cards to Sell-giftcard.com, Click here.


Are you wondering how to convert AMAZON gift card to cash in Nigeria? Or did one of your friends gave you free Amazon gift cards and you are wondering how to sell the gift cards in Nigeria?

We all know that apple will never give you money for the gift card, so how can you really convert your Amazon to money? You may also be faced with the question, what is the best way to convert your Amazon gift cards to cash.
Now, Below is how to convert amazon gift cards to Naira or Cash

Exchange Rates For Amazon Gift Cards:

$50 gift card=14,000 NGN
$100 gift card=28,000 NGN

Transfer time: 5 to 10 Minutes

Use only Valid & active card codes, if you are using invalid codes dont waste your time you won't get paid


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