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I'm a bored wife: I've needs that needs to be catered for

Being married is almost every young girls dream, not just being a Mrs but being a Mrs to the right person.
I was a Mrs to ‘the one’ or so I thought till my needs got neglected. I was a trophy wife to my husband, I was everything and more you could ever ask from beauty. I killed it in all ramification; beauty (facial and body wise) intelligence, good character, temperament. I have it all but I had my demons, I’m not perfect you know?

Shola and I met at a business dinner and after a few chills we became a thing. We were the talk of the town, everybody wanted to be us, and we were on every gossip blog and magazine. After a few months as lovers we tied the nut and became legally married, he was my heartbeat and being married to him brought me joy and fulfilment up until he left me a day after our first honeymoon night to attend to work and didn’t return till 2 weeks after.
I was broken and hurt, my husband was nowhere to be found to attend to my womanly needs. Even our love we couldn’t consummate, but I consoled myself that he will attend to it once he returns but then he rushes in, stays for 30 minutes kisses me on the head and dashes out.

I was all alone again for 2 months, my womanly needs once again neglected. When it dawned on me that I was married to myself and my hubby to his offshore oil and gas job, I embraced my fate and let things be but my body wanted more. I have needs that needs to be catered for and if neglected for too long I might go mad.
He came home one time and I asked for a cook and a clean, he called an agency and had them send over a cook and clean. The cook comes in thrice a week while the cleaner comes every day except on Sunday, the first time the cleaner came I was wondering if he was in the right house because he actually looked too hot to be a cleaner.
Anyway, I went about my business ignoring him and the cook, things went on well for about a month before I saw him (the cleaner) cleaning the pool with his shirt off and my brain teleported to another zone. Thoughts of him started tormenting him, I wake up wet from his thoughts, lusting after him became my favourite kind of hobby, my pv ss y enjoyed it but my senses didn’t.

I stayed away as hard as I could but he was always everywhere. I was stepping out in just my pants from the kitchen to my room when I ran into him by the door, shoot I totally forgot I gave him a key so I wouldn’t have to get out of bed early all the time to get the door for him. He was rooted to the floor by full b00 bs and pout ti..ts and stiffened areolas, I muttered the courage to walk past him even though I could see the bulge right on his pants, he stopped me mid track, pinned me to the wall and went straight for my b00 bs.
He sucked hard on it and tucked at my panties, I was pulling away but my pu. S
$$y kept on dragging me back. I gave in and he went on his knees eating me out like he was starved for years, I climaxed and climaxed again, he turned me around and made me hold the wall for support, he ran his hands through my pu. $sy before and slapped my as $s with his d!( k before slamming in.

My hungry cu.nt swallowed all his 10 inches and even stretched to take in more. He slammed in and out twice and an org.asm engulfed me, making my body quake
‘Hmmm not $3* starved are we?’ He asked, I moaned in concussion and he picked up pace slamming hard in and out of me, he then pulled out turned me around, lifted me and slammed hard into me again making me cry out. The velocity at which he slammed into me and out, I thought his pretty d I ck was going to break.

He pumped that pretty d! ck of his in and out of me, making my as $s bounce on his b@ lls, I was getting close again and I could see the smile of victory all over his face, just when I was this close to coming he pulled out and ran off saying
‘Catch me if you can.’ I ran after him grumbling and caught up with him in the sitting room on the couch precisely. I rushed at him and straddled him, humping up and down, he kept on slapping my as.$ s each time it makes contact with his body and it turned me incredibly on.

My orga$.sm started building up again and I hurried myself to it before he will make me work for it again. Just when I was still shooting spasm of cu.m on his d.!ck he reciprocated and filled me up seed and just then my phone rang and I woke up.


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