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Top Countries With The Most Beautiful Girls In The World

Every girl is beautiful in her own right, but there are some countries known to have more beautiful ladies than others.
With lot of countries in the world, we have heard lot of argument about which country has the most beautiful ladies around, lol,
Here at 9jalife.com.ng, Me and my team has compiled a list of Top 10 Countries With The Most Beautiful Girls.
10. Nigeria
A country with a population of over 180 million people, with women taking the highest ratio of the population. Nigeria is rich with women from different tribes and heritage. A Nigerian woman is a real definition of an African beauty.


Mexican women have their own kind of beauty, which is instantly recognizable but hard to pin down. They're unique.


Always beauty conscious, the women of Spain put time and effort into their appearances on a regular basis. They enjoy following fashions trends and look stunning with their dusky skin and tall builds.

They're open minded, tall and pretty accepting about different world views, which is hard to find and pretty attractive.


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