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30 Funny Things Women Do Secretly Without Anyone Knowing

Every woman secretly draws out various characteristics which are different from that of a male, varying from factors such as physical, mental. biological, reproductive and psychological. Each of these mechanisms influences the behavioral patterns of a woman greatly. Women are greatly affected by hormone fluctuations. Hence, every woman has more mood swings than men, which compels them to do some funny things without anyone knowing.

Let’s get to know those funny things every woman does.
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Every woman removes her bra as soon as they get home and spend the next few minutes scratching away their breasts under area.

During a doctor’s visit, every woman secretly places their underwear, without anyone knowing between her clothing, so that no one sees it.

A woman shaves her legs then secretly asks others to feel how smooth they are.

Every woman has mastered the art of secretly taking off their bra, without having to remove their top.

They make hair art on the walls with all the messy hair fall, that falls from their head during showering and then clog-up the drain with it.

If the jeans have no visible stain marks or filth, every woman secretly wears them several times before washing, without anyone knowing.

Women enjoy farting and do it subtly without anyone knowing. In a crowded subway when it stinks, who is to know, she may be the culprit.

A woman sometimes cries for no reason, while watching a romantic movie or listening to a sentimental song.

It’s not just guys, but even a woman checks out other girl’s butts, basically to make sure whose butt is better?

When a woman is sitting on the toilet, she wonders whether to trim her pubes or not before anyone finds out.

Once in a while, they do some funny things. A single woman always tries to find out as to how she would look when pregnant.

In the same manner, guys pull and settle their groin, so do women with their breasts without anyone knowing.

Most of the time women get a huge urge to hold on to their boobs when they use the stairs because of the bouncing, which is agonizing.

Funny things happen when dropping a poop in public restrooms, women place sheets of toilet paper in the bowl to kill the sound or flush.

Men don’t, but women take all the effort, in discovering their butt crack hair and mow them down before anyone gets to see it from behind.

The other funny things are, that many times women rush to the restroom to replace a tampon, but detect it was a wrong signal.

The moment they spot the first chip of nail polish has been chipped off, from thereafter, there’s no stopping till it’s removed and fixed.

Just like boys, even girls love to play messy and get dirty. So don’t judge because they portray beauty from outside.

Let it not be a shock to you, as women also love to watch porn secretly, like you guys.

Women consider themselves just as good as Jennifer Lopez and secretly dance away perfecting those sensuous moves in front of the mirror.

When a woman is hungry, she may pretend and eat very respectfully taking small bites, but if given a chance they will gobble at it.

Some funny things about a woman’s body that keeps changing shape, they find it hard to accept that their size 24 jeans will never fit.

Selfies don’t just get clicked instantly with a woman, a lot of effort, different looks and poses go behind it, before it’s clicked and sent.

Knowing the periods have struck, a woman knows how to make her own sanitary pads instantly before she gets to the nearest store.

It may be gross when guys do it, but it is totally appropriate for a woman to eat out of a jar.

One of the funny things a woman does when the weather is cold, they don’t wash their hair for days and just have their hair sprayed.

There are times when a woman doesn’t feel the need to shave their armpits, and they get away using long-sleeved shirts or tops.

When there is a call to go out a woman has all the time to get ready, yet they do everything at the last minute and purposely get late.

Without anyone knowing every woman stalk their crushes, their ex, their BFF, even people they do not know and get a thrill out of it.

The ideal place for women to secretly pocket something is their bras, if not wearing jeans or carrying a purse


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