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A bleep to remember

Yesterday I went for an hair cut within ABJ city wif everytin goin as I planned until I was about living d saloon n I saw dis hot gal sittin in front, I remembered lookin around d saloon n noticin I was d only young guy apart 4rm d man wif 2 kids I met inside. D gal looked at me n ma heart melted. She had d most beautiful eyes I had eva seen n I just stood there lost wif her beauty! Next tin I knew I was seated besIde her n we were talkin, she came visitin her cousins n at d moment they aint home so she decided to just sit n wait cos she's kinda wif no cash at hand, no units on fone too n she was hungry.

I offered lunch n she gladly accepted. Boarded a cab n went down the road to this nice hotel that had excellent food. After eatin she said she wanted to take a nap b4 her cousins got back, i told her the only way she wld get her wish is if we took a room hear cos I dnt av a place of my own n dat I was stayin wif ma elder sis close to SAHAD STORES were we met n she's married.

After much consideration she agreed n we took a room. Gettin to the room she ran into d bathroom n said she wld only take a min, so I made maself comfortable after 5mins she came out wit a towel wrapped around her n came to sit on d arm of d chair tellin me thank you for showin her such care n dat it was her tym to reciprocate the kind gesture. Knowing what this means I told her to sit on ma laps n equally kissed her n dat was were we both went wild. She tore down ma clothes in less than a minute, on seeing my d1ck she exclaimed wif suprise in her eyes n said she tot It was smaller cos I had a small statue.

She took my d1ck in her hand, bent down and gave me the most amaizing head ever, deep throating ma d1ck wch made me tremble. 25mins later I warned her that I wanted to cum n she continued giving me head. She deep throated me once more and I began to cum straight into her throat when I finished she licked me dry.I led her to the bed  sucking, licking, n eating her pvssy real gud until she came hard on maface tasting her cum I toungue f3cked her and she kept screaming ma name.

I focused on  her pvssy for a while and she started screaming she wanted me inside her, I ignored her and continued to eat her pussy until I was full. She said yes before I asked if she wanted to ride ma d1ck, so put on ma condom n let her do her thing. This chick was still very tight rode me like I have never bin riding before,  subsequently I fucked her in all the styles I could recall and she too teached me sum I didn't know about. We f3cked each oda for several hours and the last round was devine as we both reached estasy together.

Laying on the bed exhausted astride her, she turned and wispered into my ears that I am the best f3ck she has had ever, I showered her wif compliments too and we just stayed there talking for a while until ma d1ck started to rise again! Suprised at my d1ck rising after all the exhausting sxx, I told her I hadn't had s3x since last week of May, and that she was ma second f3ck since 2010 cos I have a chick who is constantly givin it to me in skull.she turned and kissed me so passionately with my d1ck in her hands and she began to stroke me again sayin she was exhausted and that I can still f3ck her if I wanted that she could manage another round but I declined and led her straight to the shower and she worked and f3cked me real gud on the toilet sit.

After dressing up we went down to the lobby holding hands and we equally exchanged numbers and said she would not be able to see me while she's still hear in abj dat her uncle is strict and a diciplinarian that we should talk on fone and and that she would come see me in Minna as soon as I get back to skull.

I tell you this gal is gud, I cldn't take pictures cos she didn't want to but she assured me that in our next meeting I could even make a video if I so please. Hahaha wat a day!!!


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