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Cultist Symbol? Davido Buys Diamond-Encrusted 'BADDEST 7' Chain


Could this be coincidence? No, I doubt it. We all know OBO is a member of the Blackaxe conftraternity and he's never denied. In his songs, hair cut and even how he dresses.

I'm saying this is Davido displaying his love for the NBM of Africa because the number 7 is the symbol of the fraternity, and Davido had always used the term "Nobody fit shake my 7". Making sense? 

The 7 referring to the battle axe is the symbol of authority of the NBM fraternity, they say it is the tool to break every chain of oppression the black race has been going through. 

Don't get it twisted, the NBM fraternity isn't a cult group, I've read about them and even talked to many members.

But truth is, there are miscreants amongst them, that's why OBO needs to thread carefully.

Here's the Photo of the DMW boss' new diamond-enrusted chain
#Baddest 7.


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