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I Need God to Forgive Me for Sleeping with Another Man’s Wife

Hi guys, BN Confession Box is a feature on BellaNaija – curated by Nkem Ndem.

I am a regular commentator on your blog. I put this out as a comment on the BN Confession box. This has been eating me up and I am not sure if I should cut the lady in question off despite her pleas. I feel I have let myself and my family down.

I got down with a lady I’m not married to over the holidays. I underestimated the level of desire she had for me and a simple visit on boxing day to drop gifts for her and her mum turned into a treatise of how she’s loved me for over a year and just had to let it out.
I know her hubby is a Yoruba demon who’s been abroad for over 2 years (rumored to be cohabiting with someone else) and just left her and her daughter to their fate here, but I didn’t know my generosity had welled up deep emotion within her.
Somehow, grandma had to take daughter to her place and I was left alone to wriggle myself from the hand of a lovestruck lady that afternoon. My entreaties for us not to spoil a 3-year friendship didn’t yield much – she kept asking when last I had it and I said weeks back, because in truth me and missus had an on-going disagreement where she pretty much emasculated me with her words which sort of dampened my libido.

I wriggled myself free after making a mess and promised not to ever visit. She was on her knees begging and pleading that I shouldn’t tag her as the woman who soiled my clean record and doesn’t have any bad intention towards me. That she truly loves me and would not make any further demands, but I shouldn’t cut her off. I left for home and promised not to put myself in such a position again. I was welcomed by my son who asked if I was fine, I gave him a warm hug, had a shower, asked GOD for mercy and went to bed.


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