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Is it Cheating if My girlfriend is sleeping with another woman?

I've been seeing this woman for a while now and I thought it was going all so swimmingly!
She is a divorcee and a few years older than me
( Ok, .. she is in her late forties!)
But she could have fooled me..... If she told me she was twenty nine I would have believed her the way she takes care of herself!
gym or make up.., it's just the way she carries herself.

I am not one to judge a woman if we have s, x the first time we meet, and if the truth be told, two out of four of my baby-mommas I shagged on our first date and still, we went on to have proper relationships and have babies!...
Come to think of it, ; I actually believe in s.x on the first date!.... Kikikikkkk...
That's not why I am writing this.(and I'll try to be very brief)

About a week ago me and my woman were honest and candid enough in our Frank exchange of opinions on the matter of her bisexuality and my open mindedness on this issue.
And indeed, she proceeded to introduce her ex girlfriend doctor friend of her's into our relationship.
She is apparently married and has two teenage kids.
But the husband is an academic nerd based in Croatia sijui researching for god knows what!...

We all enjoyed a great night where I got to watch both of them have lesbian s,x before I went on to hump both of them!...
(My girlfriend raw but it was a shame that the good Doctor made me wear a condom)
Not because she thought I was dirty,;. ...no!.... She was just coming on to her period and I believed her juu in that awkward moment after s,x we all went to clean ourselves up and true to her word, there was blood all over my pubes and the condom was all red stained.

Comes with the territory I thought to myself and although I had obviously "chokozad" her mashiros, it didn't stop her and my girlfriend engaging in another conjugal marathon first thing in the morning!
Okay, I can't really complain because I caught them red-handed and to be totally fair, they let me join in and this time, I went into the Doctor's nyap without condom.
There was no blood!
Later on I told her and we agreed that it wasn't Cheating as long as it was just Dr.Nimo and I was always present.

My girlfriend lives and works about a hundred miles away from me.
The Doctor lives just yards away from her and they both work and socialize together and their unsuspecting kids are really tight!
Every time I've been calling her this week, she is so keen to point out that "Doctor is in my house?...."
What is she doing in my girlfriend's house so late in the night?
I confronted her about my insecurities on Thursday on using one stone to kill two birds...
Seems like a reasonable question but I have fallen in love with her.
I don't want to share her.
If I was ten years younger, I would probably not mind.

The last time I was in a this kind of situation I was in my early twenties and I couldn't help but brag about it to anyone who cared to listen.
I can't believe I am jealous of my woman being with a woman that she is willing to share with us!

Is it Cheating when a woman goes behind your back with another woman?


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