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My ex BF is a scum, He dumped after luring me into a 3som with his friend

My ex boyfriend kept bugging me to have a thre**ome with him and his friend. I didn't want to do it because I'm not that kind of girl.
One night when my boyfriend and I had been celebrating he got me drunk, and real h"rny. In bed a little later, he teased me so much I would have screwed the door knob, and his talk about having two d""ks at the same time was starting to get to me. I was n"ked, h"rny and needing to be fu""ed like never before in my life. Then he tied me to the bed na""ked and blindfolded all the while saying I needed to try a new c""ck.
I heard a muffled knock at the front door, but didn't know if it was just my boyfriend fooling around. Next my boyfriend goes down on me and I'm feeling high on alcohol and heavenly from his oral skills. I jolt up a little when I feel two large hands fondling my t"ts. The “friend” I guess.
My boyfriend says just relax and enjoy it and goes back to eating me like crazy. Too drunk and too h""ny, I don't protest. I relax and enjoy all the wonderful things happening to my body. The friend starts sucking my t!ts while my boyfriend is bringing me to a climax. I came hard and loud. When I simmer down, my boyfriend starts f""cking me as his friend keeps sucking my t!ts.
I came again and my boyfriend and his friend change places. My boyfriend licking and sucking my t!ts. His friend's big c"ck f""cking me to he"ven. When they finish with me after doing everything se""ally they could with my body, the friend disappears and my boyfriend unties me and removes the blindfold.
The next day he acts distant to me after I tell him how good his friend's big c"ck felt inside me. A week later, he called me a slut and broke up with me.
Instead of being very proud of me in front of his friend, especially in s..x, with such a good lover like you me. And because I even allowed him far greater s""xual freedom with my innocence, and helpless body than any other woman. With allowing him and his friend to use my body in a merciless way, for their enjoyment. With showing to him and to his friend that Im very skilled in making love? I certainly deserve a far better man than him. 


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