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“My Madam’s Husband Sneaked Into My Room & This Time I Didn’t Resist” (Agonies Of A HouseHelp — Episode 3)

The husband found me lying innocently on my small mattress with an ugly-looking night gown. He didn’t utter any word but stared on at me for some seconds before he drew close. I woke up when I felt a hand gently tap me on the shoulder and I opened my eyes.
“Baby its me,” he whispered. “Its me baby,” he repeated.
I already knew what he wanted so I didn’t waste time in pulling my pant and positioning myself adequately for him. He entered from the front as usual and started thrusting like a typical he-goat mating a she-goat. But then as he gradually approached the point of no return, the door to their master bedroom gently creaked open and the husband froze with fear and paused abruptly in the middle of his thrusts.
He was lying in-between my legs when the door opened and madam walked out of the room and towards the toilet. The lights were off so everywhere was dark except for the torch madam brandished. The husband motioned to me to keep silent which I obeyed.
He hurriedly withdrew his d!ck from me and quietly wore back his boxers. Madam walked straight to the toilet and pushed the door open. The door opened but there was no one inside. The husband saw the opportunity and slid back into the master bedroom.
After some seconds, my madam closed the door and returned to the bedroom. I listened attentively as madam asked her husband where he had gone and the husband replied that he had gone to the balcony to bring in his clothes.
After that, everywhere became silent again. But then my instinct told me that madam must have decoded what happened even though she didn’t voice it out. It was the question she asked me the next day that sent my heart and entire body quivering anew…
“My husband came to your room last night, didn’t he?” My madam asked peering suspiciously into my face.
“Madam No o,” I lied hotly.
It was very unthinkable for me to accept such ugly truth not to talk of voicing it out.
“Oga no come my room o,” I added.
“Can you swear by the name of God that Oga no come your room last night?” she continued.
“Madam I swear, Oga no come my room, I swear.” I replied.
“Its alright, let’s watch and see,” she concluded and walked back into their master bedroom leaving me standing alone in the kitchen and battling with my unsettled conscience…


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