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THE HALF-A-SECOND MAN! With all my gra gra, look what I did

The one-minute man; magazines write about him, s,x experts discuss him on television and radio broadcasters have an influx of callers who want to give their views, advices and solutions to the subject.
The one-minute-man, suddenly releasing a load of semen when you were starting to enjoy it. It was a hot topic among women, quick to relate about a guy who ejaculated before they could say 'Jack Robinson', or the guy who had gone limp all of a sudden. Just like that!
Among men the topic seemed confusing; almost unexisting. Always egoistical when it came to s,x-related issues, they were quick to wave aside such possibility.

'The other day I did my babe, she nearly fainted.'

'I can go for one hour non-stop.'

'You probably have not met a guy that knows how to do it like me...'

                                                         BLAH!        BLAH!!!!!!!!        BLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They could go on and on about how they graduated from the University of Fuckery and graduated with a First-Class an I begin to wonder, if the ladies say one-minute-men exist and the men say they don't, who then are the one-minute-men?

But I wasn't just laying naked in bed with my legs open in wonder. I was somewhere far, somewhere very far, best described as 'LOST ISLAND.'
I was not simply thinking of what had just happened, I was meditating; trying to comprehend what I had just witnessed. I searched my mind to come up with a name for Mike, to at least take off my mind off what had just seemed like a rude joke but was in fact, a huge embarrassment.

                                                            'DISGRACE' would have been suitable.

It seemed wicked but I was unsatisfied still. I needed a more befitting name. So I pondered and thought to settle for 'the one-minute-man.' The man who existed but all men denied, the men ladies talked about and hoped never to see again.
'The 'one-minute-man' sounded too ordinary however, for he barely lasted 30 seconds, nor did he last up to 10 seconds, nor sadly enough, 1 second.
Indeed I had found a perfect name; THE HALF-A-SECOND-MAN.
                 I rose from the bed and sat at the other edge, giving him a reasonable distance. Getting too close to him would have been a bad idea. They say a hungry man is an angry man, and a man who had gotten offended because I asked him to wait a while before having s,x and ended up ejaculating even before he could put it in would be... dangerous?

The look on his face was like that of a jigsaw puzzle; different parts yet forming one; utter shame.
                                                I wanted to say something. I needed to say something.
The silence enveloping us did not help the awkwardness.

'Was it my fault?' I asked in confusion.

               45 minutes ago when I stepped into Mike's car, I felt his eyes resting on my b00bs, practically undressing me from my floor-length violet coloured dress.
I was tired; too tired from the stressful journey and from walking in the scorching sun, haggling with one seller or the other over an item.
when we got to the room, I hastily hopped into bed. All I wanted to do was eat, shower and... well, every other thing could follow but  I had to have them in that order.  On the other hand, my schedule did not fit into Mike's impatientness. He came right up to me and laying by my side, started caressing my waist.

'I want to rest a while, we can do that later,' I said gently.
I was not in the mood and did not want to get in the mood at that moment. I just needed to rest.

                   Looking back, I think he would have listened to me. Maybe if we had delayed more, his pride would still be intact. He kept on still, lowering the sweetheart neckline of my dress to suckle on my nipples, tenderly and greedily.
Slowly, he reached for my dress, raising it higher, and to my knee, I got hold of his arm.

'I want to eat first and have a shower.'

'I've asked them to prepare food for you,' he promptly responded.

'But I;m a little tired for this right now,' I insisted.

                                                  THEN IT HAPPENED!
'Baby, why are you refusing me? It's not fair. I want you and you keep pushing me away,' he lamented. 'What have I done?'

I went up to him, placing a hand on his shoulder, trying my best to be comforting and mid-way into my speech he got on his knees.

'I've been trying to control myself. You know I'm a man...'

                                               BLAH! BLAH!!!!!!!!!! BLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got up from the bed, determined not to drag the issue any longer.
'I'll just shower quickly and come.'

              I too had started to feel excited, as Mike just let go of my nipple in his mouth and spread my legs wide, so that he used the tip of his dick to tease my clit. He had just placed his dick on the gateway to my pus$y... I don't know if it was his intension to put it in; for the time was too short to come up with assumptions.
All I know is that he looked up at me; a look of tension and fright. He held his dick, sperm dripping, spreading my legs wider to look intently as if the problem came from my pu$$y.

For a while I couldn't move and neither could he. What happened? Did he just cum?

            As I at at the edge of the bed, in confusion and something else I could not fathom, he replied 'wit all my gra gra, look what I did.



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