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Top Dog Breeds That Are Best For Guarding Nigerian Homes

Here is a list of the best 5 dog breeds you should consider guarding your home with. Whether you live in mushin , Benin, Portharcourt, oshodi or ajegunle, these breeds will make potential intruders think twice. 

NB: If you want the best from your dog, get a pure breed and not the cheap diluted ones you see around.

These are medium sized breeds and are very common in Nigeria. The Rottweiler ahas a natural tendency to assert dominance if not properly trained. They are medium barkers and would rather give a warning growl before attempting an attack. The best part of them is that they have a very very mean look that would send a stranger running for his life. Cost of maintenance isn't bad either.

French Mastiff 

Similar traits with rotts but are far bigger. They have the biggest heads in the canine world too. They only bark when they need too and are great with kids. 

This is my favorite breed tho. We owned one years ago before she died.
There are many reputable breeders around Nigeria.


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