His Excellency, the National Chairman of our great party, Prince Uche Secondus 

His Excellency, the Chairman of our Board of Trustees 

His Excellency, the Senate President and Leader of the National Assembly 

His Excellency, the Rt. Hon. Speaker of the House of Representatives 

His Excellencies, our Governors 

His Excellencies, our great aspirants 

Our elders, fellow members of the PDP and fellow delegates The National Chairman asked me not to come and make a formal speech today but it is only proper for me and the former Vice President to greet members of our party. So, we have come just to do that. 

Of course, we are here because 12 people just spoke to us and one of them will be the next President of this country. For me, I am so confused on the one to vote for because all of them have seen me privately, seen me publicly and spoke to you today. 

There is no one person that knows all of them except myself. I started interacting with most of them from 1998 and 1999 till date. I have worked with all of them and I know them left right and centre. 

I can say that all of them are qualified to rule this country. But among these 12 qualified gentleman, we are going to select one bases on some key criteria. I have always said that the greatest problem we face today in Nigeria is unity. To a point some people ask whether they belong to this country. 

We must select a leader; we must select the next President, a person who can bring Nigerians together. Let’s first save our Nigeria, then, others will follow. They are all qualified. We have to look at it critically. 

One thing that make me happy is when I remember the good days of the PDP. Yes, we are in the opposition, but today, we have the Senate President. Yes, we are in the opposition, but today, we have the Speaker of the House of Representatives. This is an achievement. 

The number of governors has also increased. It shows that PDP is preparing the pact to takeover power. I thank God for seeing us through. I have had discussions with all of them. I know that if we select one of them, we will help this country move forward. 

I am glad that almost all of them in the cause of their speeches, they promised. That is the of of forgiveness. That out of the 12, only one person will be the President. 

They all agreed that once we select that person peacefully, they will all support him and I thank them for that determination in joining us to move the party forward. So, once again, on behalf of the Vice President and leaders of our party, we thank you and wish us very joyous convention as we select the best for our country.


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