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HELP! I committed adultery to save my Husband's life now he wants to dump me

Would you divorce a spouse who had to sleep with someone to save your life?
After sleeping with a police officer to get her husband out of detention, Blessing's husband wants to throw her out of the house.

My name is Blessing Egbo. I have a very serious problem that is threatening to destroy my marriage. I have been married to my husband, Kenny, for 6 years and we have two beautiful kids.

The problem that is tearing my marriage apart began when my husband got involved in some shady scheme in his office involving millions of naira. In the end, the fraud was discovered and he and his colleagues involved in the fraud were arrested an detained for over 2 months. The case was taken to court and he faced a lengthy time in jail. I ran from pillar to post trying to bail him out but all my efforts proved abortive till the DPO in charge of the case proposed that I slept with him.

At first, I refused to agree to the deal and told my husband about the police officer's proposal. In fact, Kenny pleaded with me and urged me to do what the man wanted to secure his freedom.

He even accused me of being happy that he was incarcerated. In the end, I had to give in to the police man and we spent a weekend together. The case was dramatically struck off and my husband was freed.

But that has been the beginning of my marital problems as my husband is now accusing me of cheating on him, just because I slept with the officer to free him, and with his consent. For 4 months now, he has refused to touch me nor eat my food. He is becoming very abusive and has even started being physically violent.

Just few days ago, he has threatened to send me parking from his house.

I am at my wits end and do not know what to do.

Please I want your readers to advise me on what to do?"

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Now dear readers, the ball is in your court. How would you advice Blessing?

On Morning Teaser today, we ask: would you commit adultery to save your spouse's life?



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