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I Don’t Like My Femalecore Played With.

My boyfriend insists on this all the time, but I don’t like it, it doesn’t turn me on and I feel disgusted anytime he finishes down there and wants me to kiss him.

I don’t mind playing with his thing, but I don’t just want him to play with mine, he says he likes it and he prefers it to intercourse but after he’s done I have sores down there and can’t pee for days, is this normal?

I don’t want it to cause problems between us, is there any way I can enjoy it? and also kiss him afterwards, there’s this smell that comes from his mouth after he’s done down here and I just can’t bear it, I brush my teeth immediately after this, please help me out, I’d be going to visit him soon and I want to enjoy this, thanks.


I see two problems here, one; he sucks you with his teeth which leaves sores down there and two you have an unhealthy smell down there.

Now here’s what I don’t understand, your man plays with you without perceiving that smell {He must really be tolerant} but when he tries to kiss you, you perceive that smell and don’t want to kiss him.

How many times have you dipped your fingers down there and perceived it and know If the smell is normal? When was the last time you went to get tested for a “Yeast Infection?” both of you need to get tested ASAP.

Sucking of the femalecore is one of the best pleasures out there, 98% of women with healthy vaginas love it, many prefer it to intercourse so you can imagine my surprise when I got your email, the simple truth is, your man doesn’t know how to play with you down there, it’s one thing to love to do it and it’s another thing to know how to do it.

You need to show and teach him how you want it, when he does something wrong while playing with you, tell him about him, don’t just lie there like a log of wood and allow him rip your clitoris into pieces, intercourse between couples is also about sharing, passing and collecting knowledge from each other concerning your needs and preferences.

Do these things and see how you would be begging him for more, and don’t forget to check the smell down there, if it’s much more than usual see a doctor and also commend your boyfriend for playing with it while it smells.



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