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I slept with my sister's man... by accident!

I've never felt the need to have someone, a soulmate, a husband, a boyfriend, a lover or even just a close male friend. But when I hit 24 I suddenly felt an urge for company, maybe even love. I had just packed my suitcase, ready for a trip up the coast when I had a crazy idea. Don't take anything with you. Have a break from everything, buy new clothes when you get there, act like a different person, take a stash of money out of your bank and forget your identity for the whole two weeks. So I did. I had a fantastic-paying job so I decided to withdraw $15,000 from my savings and spend it on whatever I wanted. I got to my resort and entered my luxury suite.

The first thing I wanted to do was to get completely relaxed so I rang the front desk and booked a massage for that afternoon. Then I realised I needed clothes for the evening — something completely different from what I'd normally wear. I walked to the street of boutiques and bought $1500 worth of clothes. Then I passed an adult store and glanced inside. Normally a glance would be all I needed to satisfy my curiosity but now I wasn't me. I was someone new and exciting and a raunchy sex costume was a necessity! I bought red lace panties with a matching silk robe.

I returned to my hotel room just in time for my massage. I opened the door to let in the masseur — but what a masseur! He had a sculpted body, an olive complexion with hazel eyes and a chiselled jaw line. "Afternoon miss, your full-body massage has arrived." I stood in awe of this sexy man. The massage was amazing. And I knew it was not going to be my last one. I went out that night and found a group of people who wanted to party as much as I did. We had a great time but I couldn't get the sexy masseuse out of my mind. So I booked another massage and specifically asked for the young man I had yesterday.

I heard a knock on the door, and there he was again. Feeling a sudden rush of embarrassment, my face turned red, matching the lace g-string I had on underneath my robe. But I continued with my plan. He asked me to dress in a towel and make myself comfortable on the massage table. Instead, I dropped my robe and said "I'd actually be more comfortable without a towel." His gorgeous jaw dropped and trying to remain professional, he stumbled across words like "company policies" and his job being "in jeopardy", but I had gone too far now to accept rejection.

I moved closer to him, backing him onto the table. I'm not proud of how I went about it, but the incredible time I had with this man satisfied me for the rest of my holiday. The rush of being impulsive and completely unlike myself was fantastic! Sadly, the holiday had to end and I had to go back to my life and resume my identity once again. I thought the holiday would never resurface in my mind once I was back to my routine but I was wrong. All I could think about was that masseur and the thought of him made me blush like a lovesick school girl. I decided I'd contact him in the new year, which was only a few weeks away.

Fate, however, stepped in before I had a chance. My family was having a Christmas dinner like they usually do. The difference this time was, my younger sister brought a date along. To my surprise and deep dismay her quite serious partner happened to be my sexy one-night stand masseur. He walked into the family lounge holding my younger sister's hand. My heart dropped at the exact time his jaw dropped. To this day we have kept the secret from my sister.

They got married and I could never let my impulsive decisions ruin the obvious love she had found. Recently, at a family do of his, he and my sister approached me with another man. As they drew nearer, I realised he looked incredibly similar to the masseur I had still been having fantasies about — my sister's husband. He turned out to be his older brother who had just returned from a two-year world trip. Let me just say, good, strong hands definitely run in the family. Picture: Getty Images. Posed by models. Your say: Have your say about this true confession below...


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