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NEVER make this mistake with a woman. EVER.

When you make this mistake, you INSTANTLY turn women off...
I guarantee you’ve done this yourself in the last week, and it ruined your chance of connecting with a woman.
Before I tell you what this huge turn off is, let me make it clear, this information isn’t based on theory or something I’ve made up myself… This comes straight from the mouth of a sexy, beautiful woman...
Every other woman I’ve asked about this has backed her up too, so this is SERIOUS!
“What is it already Chris?!”
OK, relax, I’m going to tell you right now…
That’s right.
Women HATE men who hesitate...
Have you ever sat there looking at an attractive girl, wondering what to say to her?
You keep staring at her and looking away again when she catches your eye.
You look at her 5 or 6 times... before deciding whether you should go talk to her or not.
Well I have news for you.
She knows you’ve been staring at her, and you’ve already turned her off!
There’s no way back!
DO NOT EVER hesitate with a woman.
It’s the fastest route to the friend zone.
If you see a girl you’re attracted to, go and talk to her immediately.
Don't worry if you don't know what to say her


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