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Two Men, One Night - Lady Shares Explosive Encounter

I unbuttoned his jeans, tugged them down, I could see his hardness through the fabric of his dark coloured briefs. His fingers traced my skin and down my legs and slid effortlessly into me. I gasped slightly as he penetrated me.

I stretched out, lounging on one of the poolside chairs, there was barely anyone around the pool at this time of the night.

A couple were in the pool, kissing and fooling around. A group of guys sat near the bar while two other guys were relaxing poolside, like me.

It was a fancy hotel and I was taking advantage of the luxury as much as I could. I was brought here by a much older man who made an offer I could not refuse. We had f*cked much earlier and he had fallen asleep almost immediately after. That was the thing with older men. They talked a good game but were hardly ever conscious enough to experience all the fun.

I had laid beside him, still very much awake at 9:00pm but after accepting the fact that he would not be rising anytime soon, I decided to entertain myself at the pool area.

"Hi, can I sit next to you?"

I opened my eyes when I heard his voice and looked up and the devilishly handsome young man standing next to me. I immediately sat up, nodding.

He took the chair beside mine. "Nice night," he said. I nodded again.

"Yes, it is," I said. Then we got to talking. He asked if I was there alone. I said no, but did not go into details. He did not need to hear that. The longer we talked, the more the pool cleared up as other guests retired for the night. There was a sense of security in the dark and quiet that made us feel like we were the only two people in the world.

"You are so beautiful. I am sure you must have heard that a lot," he said in a husky voice after a few seconds of silence. How we got from those words to kissing passionately like randy teenagers, I did not know. But after a few minutes, we parted and he invited me up to his room.

He was taking off my spaghetti strap top and my short shorts. His breath caught when he saw that I had nothing on underneath.

His mouth was on me in an instant. He brushed his hand over my skin as he took a nipple into his mouth, licking it with the entire length of his tongue. I felt my arousal building as he continued. I could feel the moistness between my legs and moaned, giving in to the sweet feelings.

He was still in his jeans and I unbuttoned the waistband and tugged them down. I could see his hardness through the fabric of his dark coloured briefs. I got his jeans to his knees and he stepped on them, managing to get them off.

I looked down to see the small wet spot where his dick was already drooling. I felt thrilled, knowing this was because of me.

I slid my hands around his waist and pushed down his briefs. His d1ck snapped back and stood rigidly.

He guided me so I was soon laying down on the bed. He stretched out beside me, his erection brushing against my leg. His fingers traced my skin and down my legs. A single finger slid effortlessly into me. I gasped slightly as he penetrated me. He moved it back and forth to me, pushing it all the way into his knuckle and pulling it out again to his nail. He was slow and methodical, teasing me and building my desire.

By the time he added a second finger, I was hungry for him. Now the fingers moved faster and occasionally bumped against my pleasure zones. The sensation was delectable. I wanted to scream out with desire as I felt juice trickle down my legs.

He withdrew his hand and moved so that he was on top of me, his weight resting on his elbow on either side of me. I spread my legs so that he was between them, silently begging him to enter. He pressed against my opening and I could feel the wetness of the head of his dick teasing my lips.

He stayed motionless for a moment before he shifted. I looked at his face, his eyes were closed and he looked like he was deep in thought. Then he moved, the head pushing into me slightly. He inched into me slowly, moving in and stopping several times.

His dick felt big as he pressed against my walls and his shaft pushed against my g-spot. He made it deep inside me before he began to move. His thrusts started slow, as he made sure to brush against my hot spots. I balled my hands into the sheets as I felt myself getting close to the peak.

He got into a rhythm with me, pushing deep and then pulling nearly all the way out. Each thrust pushed me closer to the edge. He looked down at me. His eyes were open and thick with desire. His pace quickened and I pushed my hips towards him, making the undeniable slap of flesh against flesh. The night was silent except for our thrusts and quick panting of our breaths. He looked at me and with a grunt, I could feel his spasms inside me.

He moaned but continued to push deep inside of me. I could not hold back much longer. The heat inside me exploded and I came in waves after waves as a shudder ripped through my body. He began to slow his pace until he finally stopped.

After catching my breath, I got up to get dressed and said my goodbyes. I returned to my room. Thankfully, the old man was still asleep. I went straight into the bathroom for a shower before lying naked beside him. I was about to drift to sleep too when I felt his hands stroking my naked waist up to my breasts. I turned around to face him.

Credits: Hot Pulse


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