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What would you do if you caught your brother's wife in bed with another man?

Confused lady
This young lady needs your advice on what she should do after she bumped into her sister-in-law having s3x with another man.

"Dear Pulse,

My name is Ogechi Dominic. I am 22-years old and I currently in Abuja where I am observing my National Youth Service.

What I want to share with your readers and hope to get the best possible advise, has been tearing me apart in the last two weeks and I can't keep it any longer.

When I was posted to Abuja for my NYSC, I knew I would have no problem as I moved in with my elder brother in Kubwa.

My brother works with a construction firm as a site engineer and has to leave home quite early and come back late.

His wife runs a beauty salon some few streets away from their house and as such, she leaves home anytime she wants.

Two weeks ago, I went for my CDS but few hours later, I began feeling sick and had to go back home to take a rest and that was when I met the shock of my life.

You would not believe that I met my brother's wife and their neighbour having sex in my brother's sitting room. Maybe they never expected any intruder because they did not even bolt the door and I worked in and caught them red handed.

I stood there for over a minute and they were not aware that they had company. It was when I shouted at them that they scrambled apart.

Since then, my brother's wife has been begging me not to tell my brother but I don't know if I can keep the secret any longer.

My brother has noticed the change in me and has been asking me why I have suddenly become moody.

What do you think I should do in this situation?



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