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Five (5) areas Nigeria is better than America

Compiled by Abdulrazaq O Hamzat

United States of America may be better than Nigeria in many ways, but there are also areas Nigeria is better than U.S. I have compiled just 15 of them for a start. Read and leave your comment.

1. Intelligence and smartness

Nigerians are the most intelligent people in the world. Yes, they are the smartest you find anywhere in the world. However, the problem with intelligent and smart people is that, in anything they do, their intelligence and smartness come to play and others in the same circle hardly match their rare skills. In business, they will be intelligent and smart, in education, they will be intelligent and smart, in music and entertainment, they will be intelligent and smart and also in criminality, they will be intelligent and smart.

As we all know, negative stories sells faster than anything else and this explains why Nigerian criminals are also world famous for their craft. Nigerian criminals, particularly the internet scammers are not in any way more dangerous than their counterpart from U.S and other countries around the world, what sets them apart is their intelligence and smartness, just as the intelligence and smartness of Nigerian entertainers, entrepreneurs, academia and others is also setting them apart.

2. Culture

In the US, there is a lack of culture amongst groups of native Americans in the sense of tradition. Most of its culture/tradition are brought by immigrants from all over the world. For instance, traditional weddings of Nigerians in America aren't even as authentic as it is in Nigeria. The longer you stay in the US, the more the culture fades away. I doubt if Yoruba people in America bow to greet their elders as it is in Nigeria. Even children talk back and disrespect their elders over there.

3. Expense of goods and commodity

Things are more expensive in America than Nigeria. Especially for women, getting your hair done, makeup, clothes are FAR more expensive in America for something of equal value in Nigeria. In Nigeria, you will pay the equivalent of $40 to do Senegalese twists and that is even with you giving extra tip to the excellent hair stylist! DO you know the same style, and not even half as good would cost upward of $250-$300 in America? Let's not even get on the costs of fabric. There are so many skilled tailors to make custom clothing in Nigeria way better than what is obtainable in America, but you pay more in U.S.

4. Nigeria’s debt is not as high as America's debt

When some Nigerians complain about the country’s increasing huge debt profile, I am sure some Americans will just be looking at them with one eye.

America is the country with most debt in the world. Actually, America has zero capital. While the country is said to be the richest in the world, guess what? America’s debt is exact the same amount as own. This means that, if America pays its debt today, it would end up with zero dollars. This is not the case for Nigeria. While Nigeria’s debt profile is rising in recent time, it would still have much more resources left after paying its debt. The only difference here is that, America has more basic infrastructure, but Nigeria doesn’t.

5. Nigeria contributes more soldiers to U.N Peace Keeping

In terms of peace keeping operations around the world, Nigeria is contributing more soldiers than America. Although, U.S is also contributing more material resources as a veto power.


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