I hadn’t noticed the TV was off. I was paralyzed with shock. I sat up and looked at Dayo with the BOB still vibrating away in my pu22y. He walked towards me, spread my legs and slowly removed the BOB from my pu22y. I moaned softly but I was still looking at him. He was wearing nothing but skin. I felt my eyes were about to cum because there was nothing more satisfying to me than this.

“Wow, I never knew you could be speechless” Dayo said. He pulled me to the edge of the bed and knelt down in front of me with my legs still spread. “I know you love giving me orders but today take the orders from me.”

Before I could utter a word, I felt his tongue on my clit and the flame I had been holding back just burst out. I didn’t want to moan and I held little bit of control I had. He started sucking my clit and he put two fingers into my pu22y. I was holding the bed sheets but then I had to hold his head. He kept sucking hard, licking soft and pushing fingers into my p33y. The thought that it was him just made me my mind run around in circles. He lifted his head and my body jolted into another shock. Why had he stopped? Did I do anything wrong? His fingers were still in there so why not his mouth?

“I know you are enjoying this, but help a brother out.” He stood without taking his fingers out and leaned over me. He kissed me with so much passion, released my lips; licked my ear and then he whispered to me: “I’m going to suck you till you pu22y begs me to stop and from the looks of things, i believe your pu22y doesn’t talk. Please boss, moan for me. That’s a command.” He raised his head, looked me in the face like he could see my soul and I nodded. I would release myself.

He went back on his knees and put his mouth on my clit and sucked it even harder. Then I had no choice than to obey his command because he had taken over me completely. I was his slave and he was “Dominus” over this body. I moaned like I had never moaned before. I could feel my juices overflowing. I was going to cum.

“I’m cuming! Oh my! I’m cuming! Please! ” I wanted to beg because I was having an out of body experience. My legs were shaking, my body was vibrating, my clit was pulsating and my hands were clutching anything I could grab. I held his head hoping that the feeling I had would change; nothing changed but more pleasure. I wanted to beg again but I couldn’t and then the whole feeling rushed through me and I felt a sense of release in my pu22y.

Dayo’s mouth left my clit but his fingers were moving faster.

“Cum for me baby!” and I squirted it all out, vibrating like I had 10,000 watts of electricity shot through me.

I felt weak. I knew I didn’t have anything left but it seemed he knew there was more.

“Boss, look at me.”



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