I tried to sit up and when I eventually did, my face was right in front of a dick that has nothing less than the strength of five days. I pushed myself backwards on the bed because some sort of fear took over me. Was I going to let this massive rooster delve into me and hit me hard? Yes, I was but I was trying to come to terms with it. He followed me, kneeling on the bed and held me quickly before I fell on the other side.

“Let me love you. Please.” Dayo said it with the softest voice in the world. He laid on top of me, spread my legs and I could feel the tip of his rooster in my pussy. “I’ll be slow and sweet but I can’t guarantee that throughout. Hold me tight.”

I wrapped my hands around his neck and as I wrapped my legs around his waist, his rooster went in fully and I let out the loudest moan in the world. He pushed in and out slowly, licking my ear, kissing my neck, stroking softly until his teeth caught my nipple. He bit one and placed the second nipple in between his thumb and index finger. The feeling was driving me too crazy but I held my moan so the neighbors don’t hear me scream.

“You are so tight” he whispered in my ear. “I need to move faster, but you have to tell me if not I’ll stop”

STOP! No way was I going to let him stop! Never! My brain and pussy started yelling say ‘Bleep me faster’ now but my mouth was still in shock to move. The stroking stopped and the realization hit me. I needed to speak and I needed to speak now.

“Please Dayo, bleep me.”

“How would you like it?” he asked me.

“Fast and hard.”

He starts to move with slow strokes.

“Like this?” he asked with a grin, he was taunting me. He wanted to break every barrier of superiority I held over him but I had no choice, I had to let him.

“Faster please.” I said it as low as I could. He moved faster but not fast enough.

“How about that?” he asked again. This time around I had to scream it.

“Please bleep me harder and faster! Please!” he stopped moving and looked at me then he smiled. This wasn’t the taunting smile or the evil grin. It was a smile of satisfaction and admiration. He leaned forward, towards my ear and his breath softly caressed my ear.

“Boss, with the greatest pleasure.”

Dayo pulled out of my pussy and I groaned in despair.

“Don’t go…” I started to protest but he smiled

“I’m not going anywhere Boss; I just need you to do one more thing for me.”

“What more do you want from me. I’ve begged you to Bleep me harder. I want you to Bleep my brains out! Please!”

“I want to bleep you hardest but not on this bed.” He stood there with his hands on his waist and his rooster staring at me in the face

“Where then?” I asked swallowing hard.

He walked around the bed, while my eyes followed him. He pulled the curtain back and opened the sliding door. He stood on the balcony, turned around and smiled.

“Come out here baby, I want to love you out here” he stretched his hand forward, inviting me to him. I felt love but I also felt my clit and pussy throb. I got up and walked towards him. He hugged me, spun around and told me to hold the railing.

I arched my back, while he put the tip of his beautiful rooster at the entrance of my warm and wet pussy and I thought I heard him say get ready but no matter how much I prepared myself it wasn’t enough. He pushed his rooster in so hard I felt I was going to fall off the balcony. The strokes were fast and not slowing down. I could hear my pussy begging for his rooster and he was responding to every call with every stroke. He was hitting spots that were greater than the G. I was moaning so loud and I couldn’t stop.

“If you keep moaning like that, the whole hotel will hear you.” He said but I couldn’t hold back. There was no way I could hold back. His rooster wasn’t throwing that option to me. The only option I had with every stroke of his hard throbbing rooster was ‘scream harder.’

He pulled out, turned me around and carried me up on the railing.

“Wrap your legs around me and your arms around my neck.”

I obeyed immediately and he pushed in again. He held the railings and started pounding, this time around he was moaning with me and I couldn’t help but be more turned on. He was strong and I was taking all his strength in stroke by stroke. I didn’t want him to stop but I knew we both didn’t have much longer before we climaxed.

My legs started to vibrate again and I felt his rhythm increase and the railing was shaking. He was hitting it twice as hard. I could feel me dripping and every part of me began to shake. His mouth went straight for my nipple and as he bit it I could not do anything but erupt in another over the top squirt. His mouth left my nipple and his hand held my erupting body. He lifted me without pulling his rooster out of me, put me on the bed and continued to pound my orgasm out of me until I squirted again and he released everything inside of him.

He collapsed on me with a heavy sigh and I held him tight. I didn’t want him to go anywhere. I wanted him to stay here just like this forever.

It’s been two years since that retreat and Dayo and I still make the hottest porn video look like amateurs. I also have a fantastic bling on my left hand.

Culled from Rated Erotic


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