I really hated the staff retreats. It was a bother to my time and my person in general but being the only manager and woman in my team, I had to go. The guys were having the best time of their lives but no one dare talk to me. As their superior and a woman, I had learned to be tough. I did not want any disrespect of any sort. This worked so well for me until we hired Dayo.

Dayo was a good-looking, dark skinned not too built, s3xy man. He was the kind of man that would attract me and set my body on heat every time I laid my eyes on him. The special turn off was his attitude. Dayo was very cocky. Knowing how fine he was an how much girls from the other departments at work wanted him, he was so proud. He would verbally disobey my direct orders with a smile or a wink but at the end of the day, whether doing it my way or his; he got the result I wanted. He was an asset to the office but a liability to my body because anytime he came close, his smell drove me insane. His big hands got me thinking about what he could do, what he could grab; how I would feel if he inserted just two fingers into my pu2sy. The wet thoughts I had made me be overly harsh towards him.

Now we were all in the retreat and everyone was picking roommates. As the only woman and their superior I was entitled to my own room. Until the receptionist slapped me in the face with her words

“We do not have any extra room madam”

“What?” I was totally confused. My secretary had booked a separate room for me. I was sure of it. Would I have to share a room with a man? I didn’t think so. “Who doesn’t have a roommate?”

Dayo put his arm up. All I could think was anyone but him. We never got along and the pheromone he released was exactly what triggered every sensitive spot I have but I was his superior.

“Does the room have two beds at least?” I had to make sure.

“Yes, it does. It is a full suite with a living room, bath tub, shower and a kitchen area.” The receptionist made me so relieved. If there was any problem, I could kindly ask him to sleep on the couch or take the couch position myself.

Throughout this confusion he didn’t say a word. He just whispered with the other guys and they would occasionally laugh. I figured they were making fun of me but I had to be professional.

“Can everyone go to their room; I’ll have to sort out some few issues down here.”

They all collected their keys and left. I signed a few papers and went up to my room as well.

When I opened the door, my heart was beating so fast. Dayo was seated on the couch with all of his bags.

“Is there a problem with the room?” I asked to seem concerned at least.

“No, I just thought I should probably take the living room space. The shower is out here and the bath tub is in there.”

“Great!” I walked into the room and shut the door. How I was going to cope was still a mystery to me. I mean I hadn’t had s3x in over three years and I felt like a virgin. Knowing there was a s3xy man in the same room as me was a complete turn on. But at least I have my rabbit; there’s nothing like having that special battery operated boyfriend to calm your nerves when the real thing seems unavailable.

There was a knock at the bedroom door after like 30 minutes.

“Yes?” I answered warily. Was he trying to hit on me? Was he as Hot as I was? I didn’t know.

“I’m going to sleep. Goodnight.” That was all he said and I was heartbroken. I was hoping he was checking to see if I was asleep so he could take me and I could act like I didn’t want it but he didn’t need to r.pe anyone. A snap of those s3xy fingers and women will be falling at his feet begging to be bleeped.

“Goodnight.” That was all my voice could carry.

I waited for about an hour, turned the TV up louder than normal, laid down in the nude on my bed and brought out my rabbit BOB. I put the vibration to the highest because I was too wet to take the slow angle. I slipped it into my pu22y and I arched my back. The vibration touched my clit with so much force I let out a moan so loud I had to hold my hand over my mouth. He was fast asleep anyways so he couldn’t have heard that. I continued to push my BOB in and out, my breathing got too heavy even for me. I could feel Dayo’s arms around me. I felt like it was his d!ck in me right now. I wanted to wrap my legs over his waist and not ever let go. I could feel every wall I had shattering, this orgasm taking over me was new.

“I never knew you mastVrbated”



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