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Every Man Who Comes Close To Me Dies. Maybe What They Say About Me is True

I remember the pain I went through when Prince, my boyfriend died in an accident. It wasn’t easy for me at all and I thought it was the end for me. Something in me believed that he was the only one for me and couldn’t love another since he was dead.

We had dated for close to three years and everything was heading to the day we were going to be married. Prince got a job and promised to marry me as soon as he got his own place. Few months after getting the job, he had an accident with the company vehicle and that was the end of him. It was also the end of our blossoming affair.

Eventually, my heart healed and I moved on from it all. I had his memories but it didn’t hurt like it used to anytime I thought of him, of us and of the relationship severed by his untimely death.

Mathew came along. A very promising guy who had a lot of things going for him. He had started his own company three years prior to our meeting. We got on very well from the start and later, he proposed a relationship. I said yes and he said something that sounded  like, “We could get married very soon if you are ready.” I wasn’t sure so I proposed we give it some time.

Though we seldom spoke about marriage, everything we did was leading us there. He took me home and introduced me to his parents. They liked me. The mom started calling me “in-law” immediately. I took him home too. He had a beautiful reception. The rest was left for us to decide.

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I remember clearly what he told me that day; “It’s boys boys pool party so you don’t have to go with me.” He picked his backpack and left for the pool party. At 6:30pm that day when I picked up my phone after I’d returned from the kitchen, I saw six missed calls. Two from Mathew’s friend, one from Mathew’s mother, two from Abena, my close friend and the other one from an unknown number.

I called Mathew’s mom. Twice, she didn’t pick. I called Abena. The first ring didn’t end and she picked; “Hey I’ve been calling you, where have you been?” Her voice was too loud than normal. She sounded like there was a problem.” I said, “I’ve been in the kitchen for a while now. Anything the matter?” Then she dropped the bomb…

“Mathew…he drowned”

Prince had a car accident and died when everything was working in our favor. Mathew, the one who came to fill the void got drowned when the stars were aligning in our favor. It felt like some sort of a curse. Like I didn’t deserve good things in my life.

Twice was too much but the heart always heals no matter how deep the cut is. Albert found me. He was a good man. He wanted to do good things for me, for us and for the relationship but sometimes he acted unsure about us. He would say all the right things today, tomorrow he would drag his feet to fulfill what he had said to me.

He acted scared but did what he had to do. He met my family and performed the ‘knocking’ rite. He was given the marriage list and even fixed a date for the marriage. Three months after, he disappeared.

When I say disappear, I mean vanish. He vanished from the earth’s surface. Till date, I don’t know where he went to and his family also didn’t tell me anything. They kept telling me Albert didn’t tell them where he was going. They even demanded his whereabouts from me.

But all was a charade to cover up for their cowardice. It seems Albert was pressured to accept that there was something spiritual about how my previous relationships ended. His family convinced him he would be my next victim if he goes on to marry me. They said I was married to a marine spirit who strikes the men who come into my life with death.

I’ve been hurt too much to allow Albert’s issue to also eat me up. After a while, my family returned the drink he brought to do the knocking so I would be free from the promise.

There is a man in my life now. He’s trying all he could to get me to say yes to his proposal but I’m being cautious. I’ve told him about my past. I’ve told him how Prince and Mathew died. I’ve told him how Albert disappeared because he was scared to die too. I’ve told him how people believe I’m married to a marine spirit who kills men who come into my life.

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He laughed and said, “I’m not a superstitious fool. I know what I want and it’s you that I want to live with.” A man in love might not be a superstitious fool but he still can act a fool.

I like him. I like his confidence and the aura he brings but what if what people are saying about me is true? what if indeed, Mathew and Prince died because they got too close to my heart?

I’m scared. If that happens again I might as well die. I really want to keep this one forever but I can’t be sure so I wait.

-Rosemond, Sunyani,


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