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Help! S"x With Him Is Addictive

A lady is at the mercy of the age old conflict of head and heart. Her head must be winning for her to realize there is no future or long-term happiness with this adventurer. But how would she get him out of her life?

The less you see of him, the easier it will be. Hes an addiction, so getting rid of him will be painful in spite of the fact you know hes not good for you.

Read her story
"When I first met my current boyfriend, I knew he was untrustworthy. We met at a party he attended with his girlfriend and he hit on me. When I went to the toilet, he followed and virtually arm-twisted me into having a quickie with him.

We then started seeing each other on and off. He is a charming rogue and sex with him is addictive.

At first, it was a bit of fun. After close to a year, I still feel fantastic when were together, but I am unsure about us when were apart. I know the affair is becoming unhealthy for me but I cant bear to end it.

And because Im always at his beck and call, I know he never will. Help!

Anjola, By e-mail.

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