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I Am Sleeping With My Blood Sister Out Of No Choice- I Need Help!

A story I am about to share with you was sent to the blog owner by a distressed reader, I edited some of his words to make it easy to read and understand, but every other words appeared as he sent it to the blog owner.

Please read and advice him in any way you can. Don’t just read and go, it wouldn’t be nice, just give him a honest advice.

As for me, my dear, you definitely need to see a strong man of God for strong deliverance session, and you need to go with your sister too. That’s all I have to say for now, let’s hear what other readers have to say.


I want to first thank you for your good work here, I came across your blog on the internet while searching for something, so I felt like you and your readers will be in the position to advice me candidly on what to do to liberate myself from this spell I am in.

I want to first apologize to everyone that will read this my story to please forgive me and just advice me on what I should do because I am so confused and afraid of my future.

I grew up in the village with my siblings- we are six in number, and I am the second child, my parents are poor, so it is not always easy for us to feed back in the village, so my father decided to send me to go and live with one of my uncles who stay in Calabar. Because of this, I dropped out from school just few months to write WAEC because there was no money to register me for WAEC, even though I was the most brilliant student in my class then, my academic dream died, but I never gave up, I continued to educate myself by reading every book I come across, but I couldn’t further and I didn’t learn any handwork or trade because my uncle I was living with turned me into his house boy- I cook, I clean, wash and do every household work even though he is married with grown up children who never helps with the household works.

After many years of living with my uncle, he refused to help me, and I was already 25 years, so my elder sister who struggled on her won to acquire university degree, and later got a job in Lagos, invited me to Lagos to learn trade in order for her to assist me startup a business that will help me become a man, so I packed my loads and travelled to Lagos to meet my elder sister.


I started living with my sister; she lives in one room self-content, so we share the same bedroom and bed, and it wasn’t a problem until one evening.

That evening, I returned from where I was learning how to sow clothe, and then I helped to boil rice for our dinner, we already have stew in the small fridge- she usually prepares stew in large quantity, which we do store in the fridge, to be used gradually. It wasn’t long, my sister returned from work too, it was around 7:30 pm when she returned, and I served her food, and also took my own, and we ate happily like before and I thanked her and then switched on the television to watch film, but it wasn’t long NEPA took light, so I went to bed to sleep, and by then, my sister was in the bathroom taking her bathe.

When she came out of the bathroom, she was tying only towel that covered only her breast, leaving her waist and all visible, I intentionally closed my eyes and tried to sleep before she then changed into her transparent night gown and then joined me on the bed.

Few minutes after she joined me on the bed, it started raining heavily with thunder strikes that even scared me, and unknowingly, my sister was also scared by the thunder storms, so she mistakenly out of fear held me so close from the back, and we stayed so close like that I began to feel her breast pressing on my back, and before I know it, my manhood began to stand.

I tried controlling myself by trying all my best to think of something to take my mind away from the sensation I was feeling deep in me, but it was as if she herself was also feeling the same sensation as she drew even closer and held me tight I froze with fear, and as time went on, I forgot she was my sister when she gradually slid her hands down my boxers (I don’t like sleeping with trouser) and held my already standing manhood, and that was how we started cuddling, kissing and caressing each other as the rain continued to fall heavily.

Within few minutes, I was on top of my elder sister, while she moaned and cried. We did it, and before morning, we had another round as if we were lovers, and that was how it all began.

We couldn’t stop again, it was as if both of were helpless, so we continued even though we always regret after the act, but we can’t just stop. I have tried, but she will come begging, kneeling down and crying that I should not abandon her after all we have shared. Sometimes I feel like running away, but there is no place I can run to, and I am even afraid to tell anyone this because I am so ashamed of myself even as I write this.

To be honest with you, I have impregnated her thrice, and she aborted it to avoid our parents and people from knowing our secret. Now, my sister hates guys, even handsome rich guys keep asking her out, but she will never agree to date them, and same thing is happening to me- I can’t even admire any girl, I am just so used to her right now. Please is it not possible for us to marry? What would happen if we marry? She once told me that we can marry without any problem, and she almost convinced me when she asked me how the first human beings started producing children, that didn’t they married their blood relations?

Please someone should advice me, I am so confused right now, I need your help. Thank you so much Ma, please publish my story please, and don’t put my name.

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