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I had s.ex with a woman at my office… it turns out she’s my mum

I WAS horrified to discover that a woman I recently had s3x with is my mum.

She left when I was too young to remember her and I was raised by my dad.

When I had sex with my co-worker I had no idea she was really my mum
I am a 22-year-old guy. My dad never spoke about her, only that she got in with a bad crowd and went off the rails.

My father went on to remarry. I grew up knowing that my mother was a taboo subject as far as my family was concerned.

I graduated last summer and was taken on as an intern at a finance company.

My supervisor was a very glamorous woman in her early forties.

She took me under her wing and really helped me when I started.

I feel sick to have learned the truth
Over the next few months we found out we had a lot in common and my feelings for her grew.

One day I suggested we go out for a drink after work.

She said it was a great idea and we went to a local pub after we clocked off.

We were chatting all night, had a lot to drink and got on well.

We ended up going back to her place and had amazing sex.

We agreed not to take the relationship further... and it's just as well
I am not very experienced sexually but she knew exactly how to help me feel relaxed. It was truly awesome.

It was a bit awkward at work the next day but my internship was coming to an end and I knew because of our ages that nothing would happen between us long-term.

I was talking to my dad about her and how wonderful she was.

I showed him some photos of her we’d exchanged on Snapchat.

He asked me her name and when I told him he suddenly went white and very quiet.

I asked him if he was OK and he mumbled something about having to go outside.

Dad came back half an hour later and said he had something to tell me. He then explained that the woman in the photos was my mum.

I thought he was joking but he was deadly serious. I was horrified.



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