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I Just Had It Unprotected

Why on earth will a young lady indulge in the act of having unprotected ****? it beats my imagination! are they thinking at all?

Please read this story and make your contributions.
I met this guy, he is married and we have been friends for a while and he wants us to have s*x. I pretty much like him but have been scared to yielding to his demand for s*x.
Recently, i decided to give it a try and attempt to have sex with him. When the time came, he wanted to go in without protection and i stopped him straight away.

He was then asking why i stopped him and I told him i can't have unprotected sex cause its unhealthy and he tried convincing me, saying so many things like i am safe with him and that he would never try to hurt me. I however didn't give in, then I told him we are not even sure of our status, so we parted ways that day and he got mad at me.

Is it not strange for a guy to want to have unprotected s*x with a young girl who is not his wife and even go to the length of begging for it.
Well he is a great guy, he is nice to me and believe me, whenever we make love, i'm always blown away like i want more of him each time. I had to go after him later to beg for the s*x either protected or not. it's just gonna be for a day.

I just had unprotected s*x with this guy, it was the best ever. we were both free and happy. He confessed his love to me and at the moment, i'm the happiest lady at the moment. i feel good, but i'm scared to tell anyone what i just did. i'm even scared to go check my status.



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