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I use men and dump them!

I use men and dump them!

I eat and breathes sex. I love it to bits and enjoy love-making as much as I want. But shouldn’t one be cautious about s*x all of the time?

I’m going through my second divorce from a man I married the native law and custom way. I have two daughters by my first husband and one by my second. I went straight from my second husband into another relationship. My current boyfriend is divorced and has three children.

He’s besotted with me but I feel nothing for him. I want to be on my own, not stuck in a relationship. I’m never honest with myself or the man I’m with. I’ve never had an orgasm with a man – I’ve always faked it. Also, although I’m a loving mum to my girls, I know I’m not setting them a good example by having these relationships.
By the way, I’ve also discovered I am more sexually responsive after I have been roughened up. I enjoy and crave violent se,x

I lost my mother at the age of 16 and my dad Iives in another state. I have no sisters or brothers, just friends. I feel such a bitch. I lead men on and once we’ve slept together, I don’t want to know. Please help me pull myself together and break this habit. It’s not fair on the kids or the men. I feel like a horrible person. Mirabelle, By E-mail

Dear Mirabelle, Both parents were more or less absent from your growing up. You had no siblings with whom you might share affection. Your mother’s death when you were 16 left you more or less an orphan. Are you then surprised that the hurt girl who emerged from a loveless childhood felt unable to accept that she was worthy of love?



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