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I want to run mad now! My Wife is Cheating on Me

I want to run mad now!

My wife just gave birth our son is 3 weeks and my mum came for omuguw, so she has been with us for few weeks now .

My mum called me yesterday as I came back from work to tell me that my wife is cheating on me , I did not understand, then she added that there is this man that use to come to the house each time i have gone to work , acting like and electrician , and she notice that by the time she wakes up from sleep the ma is gone .

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Until yesterday she refused to eat anything, so when the house help brought food for her, se poured it away and acted like she was sleeping as usual which is how she use to find herself everyday sleeping.

So she said she noticed the house was quit and she quietly climbed up stairs and saw my wife with that same electrician making love with the rooms open and my little baby crying in the cot . She said she screamed and my wife threatened to kill her if she tells me .

I have been thinking and I can’t share this with my friends or close family. How do I protect my mum and deal with my wife , who owns this child she just gave birth to . I am just in my reading room thinking , I refuse to believe it .

A reader wrote: "Go home and handle the situation like a man. You should not come to conclusion yet, but rather, do whatever possible to find out if what your mother said about your wife is true. Because some mother In law can go to any length to destroy their son' s marriage. Especially if they never like the Wife in the first place. So, be very wise in dealing with this issue, I know you love your mother."


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