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I'm In Love With A Single Mother Of Four

I was thinking should I sleep with this particular lady or not. She once saw me Unclad and right from that time she cannot take her eyes of me. I am young and I do like her also because she is an angel from the inside. I would not want to break her heart but she always complain she needs more attention.

Before I forget my dad likes her too, but it seems my dad always like the ladies I like. He took away my first love from me some years ago when she came around my school for a visit . Should I go ahead with this lady or just lock up . For you to get an idea who she looks like picture Omotola (Omo Sexy) and you can imagine what I am talking about.

The situation that led to her having four kids before her marriage crashed was beyond control. There are also solid reasons why the marriage will never work again. She's madly in love with me.

She's not an old woman, we met in high school but I didn't woo her. She was a virgin. The man she has 4 kids for rap*d her and was surprised that she was a virgin. The incident led to pregnancy and parents sent her to the man. The man later fell in love. But when we met again, everything covering her eyes disappeared. The man found out from our chats and it has been hell on earth for her.

As it stands today, if she doesn't feel me in a day, she feels suicidal. I'm the reason why the marriage failed because it started in high school but I didn't woo her.
Do you think we should let it lead to marriage?


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