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Meet Alex, The New AI Robot Designed To Give Full Body Massage

Have you ever wondered what it’ll be like to receive a full body massage from a robot ? Allow me to introduce you to Alex, a robot which is designed and programmed to give full body massage and adapt to your body shape. It gives complete satisfaction and a soothing massage at the same time. Alex is a Artificial Intelligence robot which has voice control and force control.

If you’re a massage therapist, you might begin to worry right now because the robots have found their way into the industry. This new robot from Massage Robotics has a few advantages over humans for those who operate a massage parlor. It is more cost effective than having a staff of therapists. The best part of it is that, it feels just like the real thing from a human hand.

Alex: A body massage robot with voice control.

As for me I don’t know if I can compare the massage of a robot to that of a real human. I still think most people will prefer to have a beautiful lady masseuse rob those oily tine fingers down their bodies though. There’s this satisfaction and connection that comes from having a massage from a lady who really knows her work. It’s completely different from having it from a programmed machine.
At the same it can be a great experience to have a massage from a robot. This new robot has voice control, which means you can tell it what to do. You can tell it which part of your body it should focus on and it will do just that.

This new technology is going to be a huge success no doubt. A lot of people are going to love to try it out mainly out of curiosity. It’s a major innovation as far as technological advancement is concerned. My only fear is that robots are gradually taking away jobs meant for humans.



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