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My Girlfriend Slept With My "Baby-Brother", Our Last Born

There is one question and only one question I want to ask, how does somehow forgive and continue a relationship with someone that had s*x with their baby brother? Please how? I guess I'm one of those people that find it hard to forgive a **** mate.

Lemme go straight to the point, I work with micro finance bank which I don't normally have time, my girl is on her IT at ministry of health in my state, what happened yesterday shocked me, my church is having a youth conference currently going on now in Anambra state, for the past two weeks now I'm in the village, she don't normally go to her IT place telling me that there are on malaria program which she don't considered it useful according to her.

What happen yesterday I'm still in shocked right now that is like I'm dreaming which I'm not.
It was past 11pm at night that my girl woke up and shout dear dear and I asked her what happen, then she narrated how she had a dream and I was killed in the dream, I was like what is going on because someone warned me about this month that I should be careful, so I went outside immediately with my Bible and olive oil for prayers. I was in the middle of the compound praying and I asked her to wait for me and she said she cannot wait, that she feared standing alone at night, my compound has a very big gate o, now she went inside my last born room and I was still praying.

Some spirit entered me and I stopped half way and to my surprise ever when I stop she couldn't come out and I waited small and it wasn't up to 2mins she came outside and asked me to wait for her and I didn't wait, she followed me, when I came to the house, I didn't talk to her for some minute and she asked me what the problem is and I explained to her that she should stop that thing that is going on with my last born. She said she's surprised that I could think about this kind of a thing and she's not stupid to have make love with my brother, I told her immediately that I want to make love to her and she said until we finished our discussion and I objected and go straight there and put my hand, behold she was extra wet, so at this point I went inside my last born room and called him to come and the boy followed me.

I now asked him to knell down and he did, at this point I brought out a cable and asked him to tell me why she make love to my woman, at this point my girl knell down and started crying, both of them confess that I did it twice. I now asked my girl the reason she did this even when she knew I was praying, she didn't give me a concrete answer.

So this things has been going on under my roof and I have spent my hard earned money for my brother and her.


Pls I need your advice. Pls what can I do, this morning I have called her aunty to inform her, and she said I should meet her on Saturday.

Pls help me brother and sisters.


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