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"No! Don't Touch Me There"

This weekend, my exuberant 3-yr old nephew was sitting down, hands in his lap. Grandma asked him "do you want to wee-wee?" And our baby replied "I'm protecting my privates"

You see, my brother gifted them with a book written by Nomthi Odukoya titled "No! Don't touch me there". It's a lovely book, talking about child abuse, teaching children how to understand what is right and wrong and how to react.

Now, before you go "my child is perfectly safe, covered by the blood of Jesus" and check out of this thread, let me tell you a few things and share a few personal stories.

Child abuse is one of the most common crimes in Nigeria. It is so common, that almost everyone you know has been abused. I'm not exaggarating. Let's share some real life examples.


"I sometimes dey always wonder wetin those big aunties dey always like for small small boys príck.

Shout out to aunty dorcas. I bin dey like 8 yrs that time when she call me for sitting room . She put my hand inside her T0t0 say make I dey rub am. Oboy as I commot the thing I take style smell my hand. She talk say make I commot trouser put my "kokoro" inside her T0to.

I no even know wetin to do. She still dey even beat me self on top say I no dey fvck am well. As I bin wan cry she pet me say she go buy "ekana Gowon" for me na hin I shut up. Oboy I just dey rub príck for toto o. The thing sweet die I no go lie. Aunty dorcas for don marry with pikin now. She fit even don turn grandma sef. Na only god sabi where she dey."


"The most painful part is that we go dey form baddo we no know sey them dey molest us!


Mama Rasheed, God will judge you for all the evil you did to me in lagos! to my disbelie, the day this woman caught me practicing what she taught me with another girl my age, the beating and preaching she gave to me was beyond human comprehension"

And another...

"Bro u just made me remeber anty stella.....I was like 7 or 8 then....I was the most loved kid in the compound then cuz of how my family use to pet me.....anty stella always call me to coem play in her room which all the kids in the compound loves cuz she had a nice and fine room back then.....she will get Unclad amd force my little pr!ck inside her and later she will buy me choco milo or bom bom sweet....if u were born in the 80's...

I was like what wondering why dis anty always like getting me undressed every time I come to her room...but as a kid I never knew what I was doing......funny enuf the first day I isaw her hairy pu*$y I said with anty so u haves anoda mouth with bear bear for ur body..lol...."



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