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Please help! My Husband Hardly Satisfy Me

A lot of guys will say they can't marry a girl who doesn't eat them; and I'm one of them!
I think it's a deal breaker. In this day and age, we believe if your girl isn't eating your thing, it just means she's eating someone else's.

I'm curious how popular this sentiment is on the other side of the fence.
Ladies, would you marry a guy who says you can forget about ever seeing his head near your crotch?

Now here is why I asked the above question, a lady sent this in and I am sure she's really worried, please read and contribute

"Pls i need your help. I got married few months ago and its really beautiful, i'm enjoying every minute of it. To be straight, my husband loves s*x but he doesn't last long. He barely last 3 mins and it takes him another 2 hours to be fit again.

I love making love with him too but usually i don't get satisfied because he doesn't last long. Cheating is not even an option, solving the present issue is priority. I'm in my late twenties while he is in his early thirties. I have been a guest for long but his issue made me create an account.


Pls what do you think i should do to help him? Matured responses pls. Thanks in advance"


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