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She Is Definitely Sleeping With Her Brother!! Shame!!

Now there are somethings that are no longer considered normal however how normal people may want us to see them. I don't really care if she sees this but I need her to know people are beginning to read in between the lines.

I have this childhood friend,we grew up together and university separated us. We would go to their house as kids then to play and most times she and her bro would make houses with wrappers and hide underneath it giggling. They would restrict other kids from coming into the "wrapper" house. She sits on her brothers laps, on one occasion I caught them kissing but didn't understand why. We do go on camping trips christmas period and both of them just disappear from other kids, most times show up hours later laughing. Well everyone would always say "it's just the 2 of them their parents have" hence the bond.

As teenagers she always frowned at her bro getting close to other girls,likewise the dude. I remember how he beat a guy mercilessly that tried having something with his sister. She inturn went to warn a senior buying gifts for him then to stop it.

She failed jamb twice, he passed but waited for her so they could go to same university, same time. They lived together for 4years before he left while she spent her last year! That last year she had 3 failed relationships and was always travelling to lagos to see him during his service year. Still we all believed it's sibling closeness!

Now we all live in lagos, she's not dating anyone! He has a girlfriend. She visits him every weekend,she doesn't like his girlfriend,she hates her passionately. What made me speechleSs and decided to paste this was when I was going through her phone some days ago and saw a picture of her wearing only bra and resting on her brothers chest who was also topless. I asked her what was going on she said "no light now,i was hot" decided to take off my shirt what's the big deal in that? And i'm like so u decided to take a half nakeed selfie with your brother? She snatched the phone from me and started getting defensive.

I have heard of this kinda stories but i'm forced to believe that these 2 started as kids and it's seriously affecting them and yes it's my business cos they are my friends, this isn't just sibling likeness, something is definitely going on and it's crazy to see them so comfortable and happy about it.


If u reading this, or u'v got a friend who visits nairaland often and must have been su you,specting u as well to pass the info snap out of it. You can't marry your brother, he can't marryyou 2 should get your brains examined before you destroy yourselves completely.


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