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5 Strategic Ways To Get A High Paying Job In 2019

2018 is ending very soon. How prepared are you to face 2019?

Irrespective of what your 2019 resolutions are, getting a high paying job should definitely be one of them.

After all “if you nor get 6 digits paying job in 2019 wetin you gain?" In this article, you will learn the strategic ways to get a high paying job in 2019.

Whether you are currently out of job or looking for a greener pasture, this article is for you.

If you had plans to get a good job in 2018 and didn’t work. It is time to try something more strategic.

In the words of Albert Einstein, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”. Since your approach to getting a high paying job didn’t work out in 2018, let’s try something different and new.

Times are changing and you need to do things differently to achieve a better result. In the past, people were comfortable for working in one company throughout their professional life.

Things are different now. And most professionals are constantly looking for greener pastures. In fact, some may change jobs over 7 times throughout their professional life.

Irrespective of what people told you about unemployment, there are still jobs out there. But you have to be strategic to get a high paying one.

Below are the 5 strategic ways to get a high paying job in 2019. The different methods and techniques explained here have been tested and proven. Without a doubt, they will definitely work for you.

5 Strategic Ways To Get A High Paying Job In 2019

1. Networking And Referrals

One of the strategic ways to get a high paying job in 2019 is networking and referrals. Most times, job seekers often underestimate the power of referrals.

According to experts, there is a hidden job market that you can’t always access and see. But networking and knowing the right people will definitely give you access to it.

In recent times, most companies don’t do open recruitment again. They have decided to keep it under wrap for reasons best known to them.

However, you can only know about such jobs and vacancies when you know the right people. Do you want to hear the hard truth about the job market? In some cases, your application, credentials, and experience will not get you a job on its own. You need to network with the right people to push for you.

So, as we approach 2019, it is time to activate your network. Reach out and inform them that you need a greener pasture.

The reason network is very effective is because every person on your network is obviously a part of another network. If you have a network ready to help, you will definitely get a high paying job in no time.

2. Career Websites And Job Searching Platforms

Career websites are also a strategic way to get a high paying job in 2019. Companies seldom post job ads on newspapers these days. They all post their openings on career websites and job searching platforms.

Examples of career websites in Nigeria are; , jobguru.com, , career24.com, pushcv.com etc.

You can easily visit any of the above websites and search for jobs using a keyword. For instance, you can search for “ Electrical engineering jobs in Nigeria”. This will come up with all possible job vacancies in different locations relating to the keyword.

3. Get Your CV and Cover Letter Ready

CV and cover letter are the most important tools of a job seeker. In fact, CV is to a job seeker what cutlass is to a farmer.

Therefore, ensure that your CV and cover letter are always ready and up to date. Do research about the current trend in resume and cover letter Writing. And format your own accordingly.

Your CV and cover letter are what a recruiter use to evaluate you before meeting you. The impression these documents create about you can go along way to either compliment or mar your job search effort.

4. Visit Company Websites

One of the most strategic ways to get a high paying job in 2019 is visiting company websites. This is relatively easy. Just write down the names of companies you would like to work for.

After preparing the list, start visiting their websites. Every website you visit, try to check their career section. See if they have any vacancy. And read more about them.

After doing all these , you can submit an unsolicited application to the company. Such applications will be in that company’s application’s bank and they can easily see it when they are looking for people.

Alternatively, you can send a well constructed email to the company, with an attention line to the Human Resources Manager. Tell them your qualification, experience and that you would like to work with them.

As a rule, try to be accurate and error free in the email you are sending. If you are lucky, there will respond and give you further details.

5. Social Media Channels

You can also use your social media channel to get a job in 2019. However, if you are planning of getting a job through your social media channels, you must consider the following;

1. Ensure you use your real name on your social media profiles.

2. All your images must be professional and the same across all your social media platform.

3. Try to be very professional and post information or images that are related to the industry you are interested in.

4. If you have any platform you are no longer active on, try to delete the profile.

5. Ensure you brand yourself. Let your followers know who you are, what you do and if possible your future plans.

6. The job market is very competitive and dynamic, but when you are consistent in your search, you will definitely get a job.


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