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An Ashawo Wanted Mouthaction From Me


"My 1st day I had no erect!on,I had to Bleep de ashawo Skin to Skin,cos without erect!on condom cant be worn

Afta my d!ck rub her p@@y its erected tho I was feeling guilty but lata on I cum inside her, we almost had a fight over that. Those going to brothel are always on TAB or HIGHNESS without it,No erection can be observed, else you Find a particular Ashawo that you have to play with.

Like me, Back then,I had one ashawo I do Bleep,Y....she's different and special,,We romance each other but no Kissing,she likely behave like BAE but b4 I met her,I take viagra b4 going to brothel.

Here is the main gist.
I was moving around one evening, saw one beautiful and attractive lady, i decided to call her attention, when she came close to me she pointed a cloth and said that i should buy this cloth for her, i shouted "hey you dont even know why am calling you and you are telling me to buy cloth for you" she now said okey short time is #1000.

Now i knew i have entered one chance me that is looking for a decent girl for a relationship, so i told her will you take #500 she said okay lets go, she took me to her brothel which i dont even know there is a brothel around that area, on getting to her room she UnCloth herself but my priq refused to stand.

She did every thing all to no avail,for the fact that this girl has a good ass and boobs but the problem is that am not use to that place and am not comfortable there.

She now asked me to suck her pussy that if i start sucking her pussy that my prick will stand and she will also suck my priq which i declined by telling her that i dont know how to eat pu**y and i have not done that before, she started begging me like 30 minuets that she will show me how to enjoy pussy by s*cking it, i said let me go since my prick did not stand and you have collected money who is out lost.

I remember when my girl friend use to give me mouthaction, so one day she told me if i did not suck her pussy that she will not give me mouthaction again which i refused let alone an ashowo, please is it good to be sucking pussy?


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