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Buccaneers Confraternity Songs Download, Orientation and History

Today we are going to talk extensively on the history of one of Nigeria's foremost and most popular confraternities, the Buccaneers Confraternity aka Alora, aka Sealords. This post will highlight the history, how you can download buccaneer gyration songs and the reasons why the "BAN" confraternity decided to breakaway from the Pyrates confraternity jointly formed by renowned Prof and Literary icon, Wole Soyinka at the University college, Ibadan.

We are not just going to talk about the history from the surface but we will dig deep into the culture of the Aloras, we take a look at their traditions and we will take a look at their songs. I will show you links to download songs the buccaneers confraternity and tell you the reasons why the Buccaneers refer to their songs as "Sally" and not gyration.

Bolaji Carew and Kunle Adigun decided to breakaway from the Pyrates confraternity and form the Buccaneers confraternity due to what I will refer to as "IMPUNITY". The hierarchy of the Pyrates wanted to become super Pyrates among Pyrates, they broke laws governing the fraternity, they forgot the creed of the fraternity, they became nepotistic, and they brought in ethnicity and religion into a group that was void of tribalism and was non religious. Most Aloras will tell you "Odas ceased being Odas".

BOLAJI CAREW and KUNLE ADIGUN - christened their newly formed confraternity due to a specific reason. Referring to the book “Fanny”, they knew that Buccaneers were meant to be society`s roving policemen, who are naturally and morally superior to all seafaring creatures - Hence, the name SEALORD.

As a result of this, the Buccaneers Confraternity was born in University of Ibadan (popularly called Modaship) with Bolaji Carew as its first leader in 1972. But a little after 4 years of the formation of the Buccaneers fraternity, problems began due to its spread to other Universities and polytechnics across Nigeria.

The confraternity lost direction, they forgot history, they began to repeat the mistakes of their breakway mother frat :PYRATES". The fines boys, like they refer to themselves began to engage in battles of supremacy with other fraternities and groups on campus.


But there was intervention, else the fraternity would have gone into extinction. Older and graduate members of the fraternity came together 10years after to provide direction and urged the new initiates of the need to uphold the ideals of the confraternity. To further cement the ideals of a nationally recognised body, these graduate Buccaneers gave strength to the formation of the Buccaneers Association of Nigeria (BAN) whose inauguration was performed at Modaship in 1982 during our tenth anniversary tagged DOUBLOON.

Buccaneers or Aloras refer to their songs as "sally" because they are sailors. Sally simply means deviation from a course. As sailors, when they decide to focus less on sailing and have some merry time by singing it is called sally.

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