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Help! I Have A Crush On My Cousin.

Help! I Want to Have An Affair With My Cousin.

This world sure has matters of the heart frolicking around its orbits. I have too much on my hands. This mail got to me some minutes ago. I don't know what to tell her. Please what do you suggest?

'This sounds weird but it is true. Tope fits into the guy of my dreams. He has the mannerism that makes me swoon just at the sound of his voice. He is a good listener, He is quiet and has the stunning look that makes me yearn for him. It's really sad he is my cousin. I am scared he may treat me with disgust if i tell him how i feel about him.

My mum brought me up under strict conditions as in girls play with girls and guys play with guys. My cousin was the first matured male adult I ever had contact with and since I had reached puberty and no boyfriend, I sister had a crush on my cousin o and the crush never clear, though now 24yrs, but anytime my cousin smiles, it sends butterflies down my stomach.

I Am not sure whether my cousin had noticed or he might just feel its sisterly love, my fear is that God help us, I hope devil will not take control of my weak flesh.

l want to know whether there is something wrong in having affair with one's cousin. What l mean by affiar is "laying on him, holding him and even kissing him." But not having sex with him."


Well some cultures allow marriages between cousins. People like Hausa's, Arabians and even some Asia countries allow cousins to marry themselves, not to talk of even just mere dating. It is highly encouraged, to keep the love within the family, i suppose.

Well the thing about the issue at stake is, does the culture allow having relationships with cousin's?

Well one thing i know for sure is Yoruba's, allow distant cousins this days, but close cousins, are not allowed. If your culture does allow you to marry such a guy, or lady, I would say why not?

If we say it is wrong? we should please state the reason why it is. We shouldn't just merely said, it is wrong and that means it is wrong.

People allowing it aren't barbaric, after all we all came from the same father and mother. But I can't marry my cousins O  tongue Reasons?


Just don't think it is a good idea, apart from the fact that everybody knows everybody, and they would be poke nosing into your marital affairs


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