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How Driving Lesson Became something else

Janet seemed to be so distracted. She yawned almost every five minutes we spent together. I must be boring her silly with the driving instructions I was giving her. We’ve been together in the car for almost two hours and she’s yet to master how to shift the automatic gear into reverse mode.

Everything I told her merely went in through her right ear only to escape through the left. I was almost frustrated enough to send her back home to her father. I wanted to teach her how to drive in record time so I can get paid by her father who employed me for that sole purpose. There are so many things I have to do at home before taking my taxi out for the day’s business. I expected Janet to be way smarter and intelligent than she’s exhibiting. She is chief Obi’s last daughter who just graduated from the university of Lagos on the first class honors roll. Chief Obi bought her a brand new Toyota Corolla for making her family so proud and I was assigned the duty to make sure she’s a good driver before she hit the crazy Lagos roads with her new toy. I was expecting a very fast learner but instead I got a very dull and nasty girl who chews gum loudly and stares at me in a despicable manner like ‘what the Bleep is this one saying?’

I took it as part of the work I need to do for my pay so I didn’t mind her disrespecting me. I tried to be as professional as possible. Good thing we have the whole football pitch of a community primary school in the neighborhood to ourselves for the driving lessons. I don’t have to worry abut her bumping into anything but the goal posts on each end of the large field. At some point I was giving her instructions and familiarizing her with the dashboard of the car. I have been talking for almost two minutes when I looked at Janet and found out she’s been looking outside the window. She didn’t even pick a thing I said. I asked her to show me the odometer and she blew a big bubble with the gum in her mouth until it exploded in my face with a loud pop sound. That was it for me. I’ve had enough of this brat. I churned up all the dirty words I had in my mind for her. As far as I was concerned, I didn’t see a first class material in her. “She couldn’t even pay attention so how did she manage to survive in school let alone bag a first class?”, I said to myself. “Hmm…is that how to teach someone to drive? Instead of you to push your sit back and let me seat between your legs”, Janet suddenly spoke. It was the first time she really spoke to me since we began the driving lessons.

I got down from the driver's seat and called her to come drive. She got off the passenger's side and as soon as she was in the driver's seat she pushed the seat adjustment button until there was ample space between the driver's seat and the steering wheel. She held the steering wheel, leaned forward and sat at the tip of the driver's seat with her petite ass. Janet asked me to come sit right behind her just like one will do on a bike. It was quite funny to me hearing such words from a girl I concluded was a dumb brat only a while ago. I sat behind her as she wanted and Janet suddenly became very expressive. “Ehen! We can start the lessons all over Mr Tisha”, she said playfully while adjusting herself to be more comfortable. She wiggled her petite body until she was okay, not minding how soft or hard her body was touching mine.

I almost had an er3ction so I had to mime Busta Rhymes’ Dangerous in my head in order to get my straying mind off the x-rated thoughts that are beginning to grow like a tumor. I almost wrapped both arms around Janet in a bid to hold the steering wheel with her. I cleared my throat and was about to start all over when Janet cut in.

Janet repeated everything I’ve said from the moment her dad introduced us to each other earlier in the day to when she moved into the driver’s seat. She analyzed the psychology behind my reactions as she quoted me word for word. She even pointed to all the items in the dashboard and explained their precise functions. I was awestruck that I couldn’t say a thing. Her smartness stunned me so much that I instantly understood why Janet must be a first class graduate.

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“I know you’re surprised but it’s okay. Can we begin the driving lessons now?”, she asked while wriggling her small ass against my d!ck seductively again. It was obvious she did it intentionally. I got an erection immediately and I was so shameless about it that I let it poke her butt freely. Janet didn’t say a word. She made sure the gear pointed to the letter ‘P’ and pressed her ass further into my hardness as she turned the key to start the engine. She revved the engine a little too hard so I told her to take it easy. She shifted the gear stick to ‘D’ and stepped on the accelerator. The car moved but Janet slammed her foot on the break pedal immediately and we both jerked toward the steering wheel. Janet grabbed my hardness through my denim trousers as she eased herself back into the seat. “Hmm…my teacher has a long thing”, she said.



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