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How Driving Lesson Became something else (Episode 2)

Janet’s driving lessons became a lot more interesting afterwards and she did so well that I made her do the driving on our way back to Chief Obi’s house from the training ground. We chatted a lot and got so acquainted within a very short while. Janet’s intelligence became a huge turn on for me. Even though she held the steering wheel tightly and focused on the road like one would do in an examination hall, she almost bumped into other cars a few times.

I dissed her with her serious looking face and we were lost in our banter when an incoming Land Rover flashed its headlights at us. “Oh! We stayed too long. Dad is on his way out already”, Janet said as she slammed the break all of a sudden. I quickly warned her to be more careful next time. I helped her get off the road and by the time we were done parking, Chief Obi was already out of his Land Rover and heading toward us with a big smile on his face. “Tunde. Thank you. I can see we’re driving already”, Chief said while patting Janet on the cheek. “I’m on my way out now so I’ll call you as soon as I return”, Chief added. We got to Chief Obi’s house moments later and I helped Janet park her car. I told her I’ll see her the next day and I was ready to leave when Janet offered to walk me to the bus stop. I felt so good about the offer and agreed.
I got home and cleaned my car before setting out for the evening hustle. I started thinking about what it’ll feel like to Bleep Janet. I also thought of how Chief would feel if he ever finds out I’m sexually involved with his first class graduate daughter. I tried to take my mind off it but the thoughts of how Janet pressed her cute butt against my crotch in the car made it so impossible. I saw an ATM gallery on the road side with no queue so I seized the opportunity to withdraw some cash. I noticed my reflection in the glass doors of the ATM gallery and I realized how cutely dressed I was. A black fitted Perry Ellis shirt on my blue Timberland denim shorts and NIKE Air Max sneakers.

“Wow! See fine boy. No wonder Janet was teasing and flirting”, I said to myself. I withdrew some cash in no time and returned into my car. I slowly drove back into the road while pairing my phone Bluetooth with the car stereo. It was time for some good music. As soon as the first track started playing a call came in. It was Chief Obi. He said Janet would like to talk to me and that he has just given my number to her so I was on the lookout for Janet’s call. Moments later, Janet’s call came through.
“Tunde pleassse! I want to ask you a favor, please don’t tell me no”, Janet begged. “Hmm..it depends on what you want”, I responded. I was expecting her to ask me to come over for a Bleep right away but I was disappointed. Janet asked me to drive her to a friend’s birthday party at Attica beach later in the evening. I reluctantly agreed but I knew I really wanted to spend more time with Janet in order to increase my chances of getting to her honey pot. I could tell she was excited when she dropped the call. She instantly sent me a text message, “hey handsome, departure time is 8pm. Don’t keep a lady waiting. *winks*”.

I read her message and smiled before I got flagged down by a pregnant woman who needed to be at the general hospital in Ikeja. We agreed on a price and she hopped in. It was a smooth ride until we got to the international airport bypass. She started making some sounds like she was feeling so uncomfortable. I had to greet her every now and then. “Sorry madam”, I repeated severally as I prayed in my mind to get to the hospital on time before things get worse. The traffic was heavy despite the general hospital being in our view already. I almost offered to carry the pregnant passenger in my arms and haul her to the hospital leaving my car in the traffic.
Prayers still get answered anyways because a bullion van came through with its escort and cleared the gridlock instantly. Moments later we were in the hospital premises and the nurses took over. I didn’t want to bother the pregnant woman for money as she was in pains at the moment. I barely put my card in her handbag and left while she was on the phone with her husband telling him to bring the baby things to the hospital.

It was almost 7pm and I knew I had to get home to freshen up before meeting up with Janet at 8pm. I sped home and got dressed in no time. I was looking more like a celebrant in my silk shirt with chinos pants and CAMEL boots. I drove so fast and recklessly that I got to Chief Obi’s gate at exactly 7:50pm. The guard opened the gate for me to drive in. Janet’s call came in as I was parking, “please come inside, I’m almost ready”, she said. I walked through the big sitting room door and Janet came out of her room in her undies only. She jumped on me and had her arms around my neck. “Damn! Tunde you look so cute”, she exclaimed. “Why dis girl dey do me like dis?”, I asked myself.



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