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How To Know When A Girl Orgasms

The facial expression, moans, body movement and many other orgasmic display can be faked except ONE. THIS cannot be faked because it is a reflex action. So, it remains a sure way to prove she 'cummed' grin.

Mind you, there is no law that says she must cum. . . In fact constant pounding of a girl for long minutes is not a guarantee of orgasm.

You can only end up getting her sour but yet no orgasm. . A woman's body is a complicated machine, and so not always does it require strength and long lasting duration.

If you have no idea what you are doing, it doesn't matter how long you go it will only seem like pouring water on a stone..

Women mostly fake orgasm due to kindness. Yeah. They are putting their men first though at their own disadvantage. It may not be cool but then there are a thousand and one things we do that are not cool. So, back to the gist, if you are reading this, be sure to abide by just one rule which I will write at the end of this post. Thank you.

Sneezing goes with blinking just as 'cu.ming' goes with the curling of the big toes. Just as it is practically impossible to sneeze with your eyes open so it is with cu.ming without curling the toes. It is a reflex action. So, forget the screaming and kicking and boxing the air plus porrn-star moaning and watch out for the toes.

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The rule...don't let the last sentence above distract you, focus on her and what makes her cu.m not the cu.ming.

Good luck.


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