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I Am Engaged But In Love With Someone Else - Please advise

Please do not mind the grammartical errors, I am sharing as sent by the blog reader.

"Am a young lady ,engaged, still an undergraduate started working sometimes last year. there this guy in my company bt nt in same office different branches.bt they come around once a while or meeting days.i dont notice him anyway wen they come around bt sometimes same last year wen they came around for a meeting he walked up to me, i can say that was the first time i really noticed him he demanded me to help him out on somethings which i agreed.after then we av been communicating almost everyday he wooed me which i knw definetly he will do one day bt i told him i am engaged.

He cooked up different stories that his G/F jst dump him normal guys lie LOL.,bt i never dance to his tone.bt we still communicate on phone almost every,chat online.evrything started at DEC. wen i was suppose to go 4 a program and i invited him which he agreed to go wit me and the program was all nite, lol and behold we were at the program together bt it started rainin around 1am till day break we were together cos evry where was crowdy and it was an open feild program i had no choice than to be in his arms till morning cos it was very cold.

Ever since the friendship grew stronger each day even wen we dont see each other bt talk on phone evryday, any day i didnt talk to him it look like my day as nt been complete like wise him any day we did nt talk maybe cos of busy schedule he call the nxt day to accuse me of nt calling even to find out wat was wrong that he didnt call .any way i do most of the calling cos he claimed he's too busy sometimes to call which i agreed cos i knw the nature of his job.after the christmas break in office he invited me to his house which i did.

Even b4 then av spoken to the sister on phone,on getting there thinking i will get bck that same day bt he confused me to stay i must confess i reallly enjoyed him all nite,ever since then we av been having dates, my fiancee is nt away of this nt even anyone. bt am afraid will this still continue cos my introduction is jst few weeks to this time and am planning 4 my wedding.

I knw I cant marry him and i knw he cant also cos he confessed lately he has a 11yrs relationship bt he has nt promise marriage cos he was considering something which i told he i cant leave my fiancee for him cos if i does he will definetly consider somethings also.bt lately he has started misbehaving which i knew will definetly happen bt wen i challenged him he said he doesnt want to be too serious wit the relationship so it wont affect me or him.even nw to make the matter worse av been moved to his branch so we see almost evry day unless if he nt in office the only thing is that we are nt on same floor.


cos i believe he felt the same way av been feeling bt the question is can we leave each other cos i ask him also he said he cant still marry me if i agree bt i knw he cant i really like him i can explain bt i jst knw am in love which i knw he love me to bt he's afraid of dissappointment.PLEASE I NEED UR ADVISE AND DONT NEED ANYONE TO CONDENM ME HERE.