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"I Am In Love With My Sister's Husband"

I never believe this could happen to me, but i can`t just stop d love and affection i have for my sister`s husband.

I moved into their house a week after my sister put to bed, I`ve been helping them in the house work. My sister`s baby is now 3yrs old, so i`ve been staying with them for the past 3 year.she got a new job but she had to go to the head quater in Abuja for a six month training that started two months ago,her husband started making advances to me two days after my sister left for Abuja.

 At first I didn’t want to, because I didn’t want to betray my sister, but I couldn’t resist his charm. We started kissing, he put his hand under my t-shirt and started massaging my b**bs. He took off my shirt and then he licked my ni**les.

I was so h0rny I started m0aning with pleasure. I took off his pants and took his fat d!ck in my mouth. I swallowed all his sp3rm. He bl**ped me in the missionary and d0ggy. We continued the whole night. I still cheat on my sister with her husband, but what can I do… he just drives me crazy.

I can’t stop this feeling. Soon we are going to run away and I don’t care about the others. We are going to follow this passion to wherever it takes us.
And now he finally got me after much resistance.


Please advise me cos i am now in love with him.


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