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I Caught My Brother's Friend Sniffing My Panties

My Friends Brother who is btw 17 or 18 came for a Sleepover, am 25 . My Parents were out and wanted me to pretty much 'babysit' them while they were away. time went by and I wanted to go for a Walk.

As I got back went back to my Room I saw with my own eyes my Brothers Friend smelling my Underwear from my Laundry Basket I was so shoCked I stubbornly cleared my throat and he turned away swiftly and looked at me, and couldnt say a word,dropped my painties and left with shame....

Later that day I sneakily went into my Brothers Friends bag to see if he took anything, As I opened his bag I saw my Bra and 2 of my Underwear, I just got so Furious but couldn't do much.

What should I do about my brothers friend and is it normal? To me sniffing panties is just disgusting, You are smelling something that someone rubs their genitals on.

That was how I Caught A Guy Sniffing My Panties In School
In my 100L in school, I caught a guy in my lodge sniffing my panties. I promised to report him to Papa (the caretaker) but he started pleading that it was the devil's work. After many hours of pleading, I allowed the matter to die.

Throughout the short time he stayed in the lodge, he wasn't comfortable. He never dared look at me in the eyes and he would always feel embarrassed when with other lodge mates and I happen to show up in their midst. I know he would be thinking I had revealed it to some people in the hostel.

He didn't stay till his rent expired; he packed out to live with a cousin of his at the other side of town. He always avoided me on campus. I pity him sha; he was just silly wink

I think this act is not only disgusting but shameful! Most guys do it at the slightest opportunity they get! I don't know what they benefit from such!!! I wonder the type of se*ual pleasure they get  Perverts!

The poor boy obviously wanted to satisfy his urge and fantasies, don't blame him tho, Hormones can be very bad sometimes, but he still needs to be corrected, HOT SLAP would reset him back to his original settings, then call him for a mature talk..



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