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I Pretend To Enjoy Sex With My Husband Even When I Dont

What could be the issue? If a man really tries his best to satisfy you as you as a lady, then telling him what works for you in the bedroom shouldn't be a problem. From what this lady wrote, the man is clearly not getting something right, he hasn't been able to discover what really turns her on.

"Pls who else is experiencing this? My husby hits me hard and try to satisfy me with all his strength he is everywomans dream he can last in bed 4 up to 40mins tryin 2 please nd maake me cum but most tyms I dnt enjoy it somtyms I feel d pleasure esp when he suck my breast but I always imagine it's anoda man wit a big black dick on me that is how I derive my pleasure.

I enjoy s*x with him wheneva I imagine anoda man on me. I hav neva discusd dis wit him cos he won't b happy dat is y I kept it 2myself. Pls who else is experiencing this and how can I overcome this? Pls I love my husband nd cannot hurt him or lose my marriage. Sometimes I even watch porn just to enjoy myself while alone."

Pls advice

Telling him will most likely bruise his ego, YES. But a problem shared is half solved. Its better he knows his defects so he can work on himself (peniis enlargement creams and pills). A friend of mine hated his wife's cooking. He endured for years until he mistakenly let it slip one day during an argument and that led to some unprintable events.

Unknown to him, his wife actually hated the watery egusi soup she cooks but cooks it because she felt he prefers it that way. Even the way she fixes other meals were as a result of the pattern with which he told her his mother cooked for him.


Long story short: Tell him. Worse case scenario; he'll sulk for a few weeks but he'll eventually get over himself and swing into action seeking ways to make a "Lex Steele" out of himself


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